Monday, November 26, 2007

A reason that keeps me excited and happy these days is the prospect of a trip to Delhi.Delhi holds a very special place in my life because of several reasons,firstly, Puneet. i have known him for almost 5 years or more now,he has been my friend through thick and thin and in may ways he made me a woman from a girl.he has known me from the time i was a pesky teen,with not care in the world.he has seen me delirious over sleepovers as well as seen me go through a is he who gave food for my thoughts and wings to my imagination.sad but true,i have written longest emails,chatted online for hours,we have spoken almost three hours on an STD+roaming charges;but i have never met him.this maybe the first and last opportunity to meet him, for his health doesn't permit him to travel far and wide and my traveling to Delhi is not an easy thing.

I told dad, that i needed a vacation bad,and he is always unable to accompany me for more than two days.moreover i would have to move out of the city in 1 year and 6 months i wanted to explore a city on my travel and gain experience for life ahead.i knew somewhere that i would not make sense to my family but amazing my dad understood my wanting a change and to undertake this journey.this is my first maiden naturally mom is worried sick,and relatives and friends adding to the tension by making negative comments are not helping either.but otherwise the plan is set.

visiting a place like Delhi is a delight for more reasons than one.meeting puneet maybe a big reason but the city in itself has always attracted me.its withs rich historical and cultural legacy it is the one place i could be lost forever in wonder and would be an icing on the cake if i get to visit Agra from Delhi..another historical place that i had always dreamt of visiting,there are a few other plans in the pipe line,i just hope it all works out fine...then it will be a dream vacation...will keep updating you all for the finalized plan...cheerio!


ani said...

sure sounds like a great trip in the making!!! :))

The Lover said...

u'll definitely love the city!!!

phoenix said...

it is !it is!

i sure hope so.

KAYLEE said...



Abhishek Khanna said...

beware of the dilli ki sardi

FireWhisky said...

hey tat sounds k fun raka... m gona b in delhi smtime soon (i hope) m plannin 2 surprise every1... so shhhhh!!!