Friday, November 23, 2007


Even though the chill is in the air, and the winter has finally arrived, life has a different tale to tell. it was for all to see; that the tough phase that i had had to endure in the past, but not anymore, the winter of my life is finally receding and the spring is knocking at the doors.

Like a ray of the glowing sun brightens up the room and fills the soul with a renewed vigor, the hope that the night will be replaced by the day has been reinstated. with a series of unfortunate events, a heavy heart and life that had stopped breathing, negativity had permeated in every part of my life and within me. but the gloom has been lifted, its time to be happy once more. my patience and suffering has paid of, and now its yet another beginning.hopefully all the unfortunate events have been left behind and the recovery is complete and the zest to move on ever strong. its time to heave a sigh of relief that "hardship is over" maybe momentarily.

The beginning of the end began when i put in a conscious effort to be happy, then the realization dawned that by nature i am a cheerful person.once i started being happy everything else fell into place. the though time i was facing with Samik has now been replaced by bountiful of love. smile never leaves our faces and longing from our seems that we have gone back in time, to the time we were initially dating almost three years back. just a little effort on both our parts have worked wonders for our relationship, it is no longer dormant but has been leased a new life and the happiness that we get is sometimes barely enough to last during the week, when the eagerness to meet during the weekend takes over.

I have found the strength to look back at my now past without flinching or any sense of emotion.there is no residual sense of anguish or grudge, by freeing negativity i freed my perpetrators have come back to me, the focus here is not of forgiveness or regret, it is a sense of justice.time has turned in my,this is not about glorifying in my achievements, but a celebration of restoration of peace, harmony and happiness back in my life..

I have always believed that i get whatever i want sooner or later and this has been proven right on more occasions than one, and this time is no different.i have been dying to meet Puneet for 5 long years of my life.he is my mentor, and my has always been a dream a desire that i kept hidden in my heart, secretly longing to meet the guy to whom i'm indebted to for more ways than one.the prospect of meeting up was almost near to nill as either Puneet's health or family obligations would prevent him to travel to Kolkata or allow me to travel to Delhi.but that is all about to change; as i am going to Delhi for a week, not only to meet him but on a vacation too,all own my own,but thats another post.

Happiness comes to those who allows happiness to seep into the heart and spread its splendor is we who complicate life.nothing can be greater than finding happiness in times of comes to those who seek it.

Are you still wondering if my exams have finished or not?well it hasn't even begun.actually i couldn't restrain myself anymore.i just had to come back and write. i was getting bored and not just that i really missed my blog.and what about my preparation???well its in an all time low,i know it but some how my mind hasn't registered it yet,but it will soon.And knowing me i will brave through this too,i will put in more effort, stay up nights,panic, throw up, drinks galleons of tea or coffee but i ll get through with descent the blogging continues. its really great to be back!


KAYLEE said...

GLAD YOU ARE BACK MISS TALKING TO YA :) I have been in ER so much lately though!

KAYLEE said...

*******.And knowing me i will brave through this too,i will put in more effort, stay up nights,panic, throw up, drinks galleons of tea or coffee but i ll get through with descent the blogging continues. its really great to be back*******

OH Sweetheart please dont get yourself that stressed that that is what you do!

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Good you took it out in the blog.With the pressure cooker kind of sitution ,getting the neccy.relief by blogging,you would be light in the heart and head and be more at ease to face the exams.
To keep the sleep away,(tho not recommended )keep reading my last blog !!
Great you are going to Delhi.Me too planning to be away at Delhi for a week from DEC2.
Good luck for your exams..

FireWhisky said...

"Happiness comes to those who allows happiness to seep into the heart and spread its splendor everywhere."

tat so tru!!! beautifully put... hugs!!!

phoenix said...

i missed talking to you too....and as about getting streed..just a few days...dire situations call for dire needs....

yeah so true...i feel so much better now

hugss to you tooo :D

curryegg said...

How are you phoenix?
And how about the exam?

Every ending is the new begining. This is what I am trying to learn now. So don't worry. We're here to support you.

phoenix said...

@currey egg..
thanks a lot...ur words mean much...
im doing ok..and exams...well havent yet started.. :P

Abhishek Khanna said...

yay yay .. u r back.. welcome welcome
m stuck up in work these days :((

c e e d y said...

just a devils advocate
There are lots of ways of being miserable, but there's only one way of being comfortable, and that is to stop running round after happiness. If you make up your mind not to be happy there's no reason why you shouldn't have a fairly good time.
Edith Wharton (1862 - 1937), The Last Asset, 1904
welcome back

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