Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 hits and misses

I’ve always had a ritual of sorts to recall the past years events before the new one dawns, however I feel that kind of a thing just brings back the bad ones along with the good ones. So this time year flashback will be there but with a difference.

Top 10 stories of 2007

  1. Abhi-Ash wedding
  2. Saurav Ganguly’s awesome comeback.
  3. India T20 champions!
  4. Nandigram woes
  5. Shahid-kareena break up
  6. Taslima nasreen ousted from Bengal
  7. OSO biggest commercial hit of Hindi cinema
  8. Narendra Modi became the CM of Gujarat for the 3rd term
  9. Benazir Butto’s comeback and her brutual assassination!
  10. Bilwal Bhutto to follow his mother’s political legacy.

Here are some awards that really befits the receiver

Achiever award: Narendra Modi, for winning the elections for the 3rd time in a row.

Smack award: Buddhadev Bhattacharya, for making immoral comments as a CM of a state, that he is not above his party. A CM has no party affiliations! Haven’t you read your oath before swearing in Mr CM!!

Publicity act award:Rakhi Sawant does indeed literally screams for attention, Miss Sawant try and accept your failure gracefully, just because you are a dancer and you dance well does not mean others are no match to you. Give others some credit and do resolve to adopt and endorse a better spirit in the new year.

Saccharine act award: Mrs Aishwarya Rai Bacchan, this bacchan bahu clings to her hubby dearest, dissolves in peels of giggles, to show just how much marriage agrees with her. Mrs bacchan no need to show off we know the media covers everything, and we have no inclination to know further.

Bravery award: Saurav Ganguly, who swam against the tide and with the dint of sheer determination and perseverance proved his mettle once again, that he really is the Maharaj.PERIOD!

Survivor award: Shahid kapoor who went through media like a brave heart for the promotion of his upcoming movie with his ex who just a few days was the love of his life, a girl friend for four years. Despite the fact that his now ex had jumped out of the relationship and right into the arms of the dreadful lawbreaker Casanova, shahid always maintained his calm and dignity by proving it to people, that relationships may end but upbringing doesn’t.

Bitchy award: No surprise but Kareena Kapoor does take the award without any competition at all. Bebo [sounds like some dogs name how apt for her isn’t it?:P ] who claimed on march 13, and I quote “ I will probably marry Shahid and I am not the kind to jump from one relationship to another. For me love is for keeps.” Well babes it dint take you long for doing just that, funny how fast ones philosophies change doesn’t it? Why don’t you write a book “how to jump out and into the arms of a new man in 3 days” it will be a best seller we assure you.

Nawabi award: well for the man who goes against norms and rituals and marries a woman older to him, for a man who is known to be a veteran but has only recently got an opportunity to rise above supporting actor category to that of an actor, the moment the blessed transition takes place so does the heart and the person, or is it that the true colors emerged. He gets rid of his wife for 15 years, with the whole world and his children back home watching, he gets himself a new Italian girl friend lives with her, sobs in front of national television of how this whole things effects him and that it is only his Italian Rossa stands by him when the world treats him like the bad man, only a year or two later the Italian lady is discarded to for more pricier catch while is she is left floundering in a new country where she doesn’t even speak the language! But the escapades don’t stop here, he then goes on to have a fling with every leading lady of tinsel town only to stop when bollywoods most successful couple split and in a day he is seen proclaiming to media that indeed he is in love even though he is not screaming it from top of the roofs! Kudos to you chote nawab! We know you are not a bad guy and no we are not proving it to the world, so please spare us the tears! Maybe you’ll need them in the near future for surely you have met your match in Miss Kapoor.

P.S- this is supposed to be a fun post! So do take this is best spirits! Hope you had fun reading it! And by the way, I am not sorry for being really bitchy here :P

Have a rocking new year everyone!


c e e d y said...


happy new year - you shld not be sorry to be bitchy cause ppl you wrote abt are really not sorry abt what they did either :)

will really take your advice and comeback after I am drunk - "read it in good spirits right "!!!!!

happy new year

KAYLEE said...

I dont think you were bitchy! happy new year and good post!

Drama Div@ said...

lol.... Happy New Year! I hope that this year bring all great joy and peace, whether you be a real human, actors, furry animal… whatever. may we all live in peace.

KAYLEE said...


Compassion Unlimitted said...

Hi..Good one..all comments to be made only after couple of pegs,as ceedy said, in high spirits !!
wishing you a Happy New Year
Delhi chuti kemon chilo ?

preetilata said...

what a unique post it is. loved reading it.

i wish u a very happy new year. may all ur dreams cm true.

gal..u dont stp enjoying.

tk cr
:) :) :)

rOhit said...

Very nicely put up!
Loved it!

And a verrrryy Happpeee Newww Yeaar to you!

God Bless ya! :)

phoenix said...

thank you
and yes please do get drunk my 1000000th plan to get drunk failed and how :(

and wishing you all a very very very happpieeeee new year.....

@ceedy u really have taken my advice havent you ?:P

coming from u it means much.

yeah delhi trip was great.khub bhalo chilo