Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Preparations!!

Ho Ho Ho! the Christmas season is here finally! are you wondering how a festive season hater who cant bear cold rejoicing in the upcoming days of fun frolic and laughter???well,what happened was,Delhi's temperature dropping 2 degree cured me of my phobia.while writing cards for friends last night,memories flooded my mind.when i was in class 6-7 being he eldest of my play group, i used to engage all of us and we would huddle in my terrace, spread out our colours and paints, with coloured papers,glue brushes and sit and personally make Christmas cards not just for each other but family and relatives.somehow this tradition has stuck hand made cards have been replaced but however the sentiment remains the same.indeed Christmas is the time for giving and sharing and remembering loved ones.this will probably be the first year i wont hand up stockings and declare to my parents ceremonially of my action and wake up to find goodies.probably life has caught up with me and i am disillusioned.but since this is supposed to be a happy post,all gloomy thoughts are banned until the festive days are over.i so wanted to bake a cake this time but never got time to do it,i have thrown away all my decorations and now i regret,i will settle down to helping Barshali [my student] decorate her room and make her believe that indeed santa does exists and that it is a time to dream for the year to come and work twice as hard to make them a feels really nice to pass down idiosyncrasies to a different child who then spreads them all over and this is how they are immortalized for some time to come.hope you all have done your bit to welcome christmas if not,why waste time,no one is too old to celebrate Christmas.spread the good cheer!


Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

hey hey... merry christmas 2 u n ur family...

curryegg said...

You're right!
all gloomy thoughts are banned until the festive days are over... hehe..

Merry Xmas phoenix!

Sam said...

merry christmas.. u sure r doing ur bit to spread the christmas cheer!!

^*^Clouds^*^ said...

True true!

No gloominess until the festive season is over!

Maybe that is how we can avert bad things that may happen to us or others!

Merry christmas!

phoenix said...

merry christmas all!