Sunday, December 09, 2007

Hail the MAHARAJA!

nothing seems to perk the bongs up anymore but our dear Dada being in full form.the Nadigram issue has been quite depressing,chaos confusion reigns everywhere.the city of joy has now culminated to a city of violence.its really disheartening to see the major talent pool to deciding to move away from the city,the motherland to explore grater prospects in a better land away from the mismanagement and dirty politics.

Indo-Pak cricket match was probably one thing that brightened the cricket lover bengali,and what with Dada back in the team and that too playing well is keeping the bongs all smiling and thing that every bong knows even if its a girl is about dada and will be able to rant off lines on how he has played and his cricketing history.with this 166 not out in first innings and 2 consecutive centuries in test matches bongs find yet another reason to is to DADA!cheers


AVIANA said...

I know nothing of cricket cuz' I'm american but I know of hot men...and he's hot from the pics...looks like a sweet guy ...very well mannered and stuff..not my type usually but he is a cutie...


DreamCatcher said...

yp a double century all the way ;)

hey raka sry for not being regular..m really occupied..really sry!1 whenever i get time i try to cover up :)

c e e d y said...

did you realize....all the centurians yesterday were left handed......just like me ;P

Keshi said...

The Indian Cricket team is a strong team. They deserve all the glory, not only when they score centuries, but even when they lose (sometimes). I hated how alot of Indians trashed the team when they were out of the WC.


Abhishek Khanna said...

phoenix said...

lol!yeah he damn cute...

@dream catcher

@ceedy u r a lefty too?not me but dada yay!

so true...heroes too are entitled to loss sometimes

yeah man he rocks big time!

Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

im nt a big cricket fan bt he is playin relly well... i hope his form continues...

Sam said...

seriously!! wot an innnings!!!
this man is in form and he's rocking the world cricket..
he's teh comeback king and yeah.. i think we can call him the Bengal Tiger!!!
Just watch him roar now... show me damn player better than him in the team this very moment n I'll eat my Sunday hat!! :P

c e e d y said...

yup complete lefty....except to use the mouse as I got used to it at the college as all were set up that way and to play one instrument that i am trying to learn :)

Darkling said...

agreeed thnx to this the nandigram and rizwanur issues are on the backburner for smtimes

phoenix said...

wow what a feat!

yeah i so agree....phew!

im floored by saurav...i really admire his spirit to fight back all odds

:) if you are an india and dont follow cricket you are no indian at all.... :)