Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Since i have been cribbing that i have nothing to scribble about....dream catcher was just the one to present me with just the thing i wanted to keep boredom away.

here goes the tag

..all one has to do is write the middle name and analyze all the letters that make that name and elucidate qualities they can relate to…one by one…if they don’t have a middle name they can use their surnames…or they may just use the imaginary middle name that they might have fancied themselves having…and finally when it’s done…tag all the bloggers that they know whose names start with those letters…so here goes…

my nick name is pupu :P...but then a middle name is required,which i dont have,i ahev always fancied myself to be known as phoenix for obvious reasons..which incidently is my pen name as well.

P-possitivism,it constitues 80% of who i am
H-humor,an essential for a conversation with me
O-optimist,thats what i am
E-energetic,i am seem scampering here and there,always having something to do.
N-never defeated,i have inconquerable spirit,i bounce back after gravest of hardships.
I-irritating,that i can be,being a perfectionist i tend to nag people if things are not just right.
X-xtraordinarily ordinary,you ll find a me in everyone you meet but i will always stand apart for being ME.

now i tag~



Compassion Unlimitted


Kaylee and


P.S -really sorry if i did sound like a narcissistic here,but could not help it :P


Drama Div@ said...

**possitivism**,it constitues 80% of who i am

Good for you!! :P

KAYLEE said...

will do it soon!!!!!!!!!miss you ;(

phoenix said...


curryegg said...

THank you... ;)

Keep positive thinking! Good!