Friday, December 21, 2007

The Trip,That Was...

I was in a state of shock,a feeling or numbness accounted for my near mechanic was only when the train started moving and i saw my mother break down into sobs did i feel a tremendous urge to jump out right into the arms of dad and mom.soon i was served tea which diverted my attention and i enjoyed myself reading a book,giving free reign to my thoughts. my maiden voyage,without parents to supervise or fall back on it was i might add a daunting and colossal task;in no time my comforter and Saviour found me, it was a bit uncomfortable initially and co-passengers really stiff but it was in a weird way experience of a kind.

my cousin was late in picking me up so i had to find my way to station but of course my Saviour was always around for comfort.i felt a errie sense of calm and matter of attitude define my approach.soon my cousin found me and in no time i was on my way to her place.i was putting up Gurgoan,in a posh locality in the 14th story of a sky has always been a special dream to live in a sky scraper and view the city bathed in its dusky beauty with shimmering lights,so in a way the dream came true.her apartment was tastefully done and her hospitality was warm friendly and very cousins father in-law became my best companion throughout my short stay.liberal,good conversationalist he was just the like minded companion i needed to make this trip a fruitful one.

Delhi according to me, is a very fast paced city,beautiful roads,accurate and helpful sign boards and well planned city, i often wished Calcutta would rise too, and be just as advanced in is a city just for those who can survive the race to success,there are no mediocrity's.unlike Calcutta which is for all and sundry for people from all strata's of the society thriving.cost of living in Delhi too is quite high but it is the way the people preserved their heritage and balanced it with advancement and their eagerness to improve their lifestyle is what impressed me the most.i even visited chittaranjan park,the bong locality and found myself at home and at peace.

my short stay in delhi was extremely pleasant.with several trips for shopping,loads of pictures,meeting up Puneet for the first time,being in touch with friends through internet and some awesome coffee which came as a welcome specially as the temperature dropped to 2 degree,marked an awesome combination,the perfect recipe for a great trip.though in bits and patches my Saviour did make it tough almost painful for me with lots of cribbing and hurtful words still it was the presence i cherished and valued,for all the years to come.

my journey back home was an extremely happy one.because i had some great co-passengers. the comfort level and the cheerful spirit of all made the travel even more entertaining.there was no pretense,no facade and wearing our skin was the best part ever for reasons best not known to all :) .once comfortably off Rajdhani that came in an hour late,and on my way home in the cab i really felt a deja vu and this time it was for Delhi,i actually miss Delhi and uncle my companion throughout the trip. still but it is always fun to be back almost cried and every one claimed that without me the house was empty, does work wonders to self importance to see such welcome..what say?? :P,understanding and celebration of togetherness is what i found renewed after the maybe a bumpy ride but "we" are definitely together to stay.thank you god for the beautiful opportunity, for teaching me to have faith in myself and my abilities.


KAYLEE said...

glad to hear :)

Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

hey... this posts so full of hope... here's wishing you all the happiness... and success... that you deserve

phoenix said...


wishing you all great things as well

Sam said...

ah delhi.... tell me hows the city doing?? u find delhi fast paced?? wot wud u say abt mumbai den??? :)
kolkata is realy slow compared to these cities... but then it has a charm of its own!!!

^*^Clouds^*^ said...

Sheesh!I've never travelled alone!

phoenix said...

surprisingly i fell in love with delhi in an unique sort of way!it was weird once i was there i kept saying-this isnt like kol and once im back i kept saying-aaah delhi looks better,in elhi na...this was the other way! :P but yeah delhi does seem like the place id like to be in delhi other than my darling kolkata.

yeah that can be scary just that a train like rajdhani gives u enough peace to relax but then bomb blasts do happen i heard!in fact it happened the day before i left

Abhishek Khanna said...

no comments :X