Thursday, December 27, 2007

Woman empowerment

The bike came to a screeching halt in the petrol pump, the capped person turned around to serve us and to my amazement, it was a very feminine voice that asked us our choice of petrol, it was the nose ring the defined the assistant as a lady. I have seen lady assistants in petrol pumps in Delhi and read about it happening in other metro cities but this was the first I witnessed it that too in Kolkata. What made me feel even more proud was, that the eyes which stared back while waiting for the fuel to fill the tank was confident and firm, no apprehension or fear veiled her eyes. She knew exactly what to ask and what to do, and it was her attitude and poise that spoke lengths about her confidence. Two other bikers, both men waiting in a queue behind us; though this discovery was not taken too gladly by them; who were heard commenting how ladies should keep to things concerning home and hearth; while Samik turned around to say how great it was to see women doing a job that a man does and that too so well. That indeed equality is slowly makings its presence felt. The two other bikers may have represented what is an initial apprehension to change and male chauvinism, however most others feel that change is truly coming about; and what with the Supreme Court issuing a Bill allowing women to serve as bartender, women have much reason to celebrated! Here’s to the women of today and tomorrow! Cheers!!


^*^Clouds^*^ said...

is this petrol pump on alipore road?

Solitaire said...

I wonder when people will resort to self-service rather than cursing women for having advanced or congratulating men in having the opportunity to serve them.

KAYLEE said...

WOWW Miss you wanna talk good post! hope you are well?

Abhishek Khanna said...

cool tht metro is becoming like my metro :D

phoenix said...

its near ruby EM bypass

hadnt really thought of it that way!but i must say thats a hell of a perception!kudos!but dont you think in such a huge country like india where employment is a huge deal,smallest of job helps some house hold?

i miss you too..hope you are well as well??

little boxes said...

loved this post!
u know,i go to a college where they shout themselves hoarse shouting pro-feminism slogans!
years of empowerment banners,decades of burning bras...has finally trickled down to this day.
and all we can say is,times...they sure are changing.
nice post :)

phoenix said...

yes sir!

phoenix said...

@little boxes

Jeevy said...

women workin in petrol pumps is a very common scene here! :)
good to kknow they've started it there also! :)


Adamgv said...

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