Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I was going through some of my old stuff, slam books from school, old pictures of friends from college, pencil shavings, a piece of paper saying "friends forever" dated back to 2000, when i was in class 6 loads of cards and old movie tickets and my first ever book, a gift from my best friend from kindergarten which dated back to 1992, I was barely 5 then. these things brought back a mixed bag of emotions, not just nostalgia but a realization, of how time never stops, and the only constant thing was change but there are somethings that never change.

After months I came accross things that belonged to a friend of mine who is not almost a stranger, our friendship has become transient and i too have moved on; but then coming across the things made me smile.. I knew despite drifting apart i still harbour the same feelings as I used to once, friendship has not really changed but it is we who have changed. there is a residue of memories made, even though the dear one has long since, moved away. and this is life! And in life shit happens!


Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

hallelujah!!! life's lk tat... n im so glad abt it...

shit happens...

[:P] bt we always manage 2 find smthing 2 smile abt...

loved tis post

phoenix said...

i didnt know if i was being coherrant here, but then i am glad aleast someone understood! :)

Sach said...

right said shit much more obviously than this good things being on top charts :P

J E E V Y said...

Well, Thats Life! :D
nicely written, As Always! ;)


Abhishek Khanna said...

this is wat life is all about..

little boxes said...

loved it
and the descriptions are so vivid that i feel that i am right next to u...going through those slam books.
and yes,shit happens,and all u gotta do is chuck it back at life

Sam said...

thoughtful post.. but then a nice one... as for that thing which happens... well it has to happen right... so stop crying over it.. and move on mate!!

phoenix said...

thats so sweet of you to say that

coming from you it means a lot!:P

tears have dried and im not crying either!:)

being on top is really a wishful thinking...coz what goes up comes down!