Friday, January 25, 2008

"a narcissistic post!"

The weather is just tailor made for me, its gloomy and rainy and extremely chilly, just the way i love it! despite the troubles in life, nature always finds a way to lift my gloom. after being really cloudy for the past few days, it finally rained.... like the MET said it would. it began to drizzle around 10 last night and began to pour at about 3 am. my joy knew no bounds when i peered sleepy from beneath the blanket only to see it raining and it being extremely cloudy. from the moment my feet touched the ground [sadly i missed landing on the rug :P] and my god! it felt as if i was walking on ice, teeth clattering and almost shivering to death i quickly freshened up and then i was back, i dived right into my bed. then almost an hour long session of talking to Samik.. poor he was rudely woken up from sleep almost at 7 in the morning, because "I" i wanted to talk to him, thankfully he didn't crib! it was picture perfect!

It was brought to my notice, that of late i have become very industrious. and that is so true. nowadays i am so busy, I'm always studying maybe for college my entrance examination preparation or pleasure reading books, or even blog reading and writing.i try and wake up early, do my yoga and then i try and read the new-paper cover to cover and then rush for college.despite the heaviness of my heart, I'm just loving this, the continuous pace that my life has, the fact that i am always on the run for something or other keeps me busy. and i don't even have a moment to stay idle. when the clock strikes 12, i gratefully turn in and as the lights go off and my room is plunged into darkness i gratefully close my eyes and almost instantly i am off to sleepy land... and this is exactly what i want from life, i don't want even a moment to think about things that will just make me more depressed. there is a goal and these few months of toil will yield good results when the time is right.

while walking back from college, totally chilled to the bone i suddenly yearned for some really junk food, KFC zinger burger or maybe pizza....KFC is quite far from my place but Dominos is not, for once i was tempted to order for home delivery!but then i stopped. being a regular average college goer, i get enough pocket money but like most i don't splurge on myself unless i am out with Samik and being the saver i am, its tough to even spend each dime, if i can save it and put it in use later! :( how i wish there would be a time when i can splurge on anything i wish, without having to see the price tag before doing so! aah wishful thinking! i don't know how long i will get affected by things that is never to be, maybe that is one lesson i am yet to learn :P!

P.S- I'm really sorry if i bored you to death, just wanted to indulge myself! :)


:: Clouds :: said...

* same pinch * yet again.

Even I check price-tags before buying anything.people often call me a miser.and yes,the rains were nice - nostalgia reigning,nah? felt nice!

p.s. : pupu,you think we are cosmic sisters or something?

phoenix said...


i totaly agree ya....this is scary but i really think we are cosmic sisters....realy didnt think Virgoes can be so similiar!:)


c e e d y said...

:)....just if you had served some wine or gud tea...I would have enjoyed the balmy weather too....

well from time to time one needs these hope you enjoyed the moment :)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Hi..yearning will get satisfied by earning !!

Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

lolz... same here... tho minus d rainy bit... its cold as hell...
n u h evry rt 2 indulge... i miss kfc... :(

c e e d y said...

you have been tagged

phoenix said...

:( bird flue blues :(

thank god!atleast sum1 understands!

o yea?wow!