Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A new year, A new beginning

My past year hasn’t been too good on personal front but otherwise its been a very fruitful year. Most of my long standing dreams came true. I met Puneet for the first time, I traveled alone to Delhi, and I got a digi cam and made some sound future investments. I have lost some and gained almost doubled of it. Lost some friends along the way, while got back in touch with those with whom its been awhile since we were in touch. Learnt the hard way of life and also to do what I desire to do and not simply follow the footprint just to be with the crowd. I’ve found inner peace and greater understanding, something that I have always been in pursuit of. Life isn’t always fair to us all. But it in time we get our dues and we have to be patient until and unless we get what we deserve and I have learnt patience. For once I have learnt to take care of myself and literally so. In my darkest hours when the gloomed too impenetrable, and the heaviness of heart being too much to bear and the prospect of giving into despair so alluring, I have found strength within me. They may be good, close and dear friends but all have a life to lead, they can but guide and sympathize with you but it is you yourself who has to seek the solutions and that is what I did.

Thank you Srimoyee for being the friend I needed to talk to and to preserve my sanity, it really feels great to get an “ultimate” friend in you. Ipsy for being there 24*7, without you it would have been tough staying afloat when the tide was high! Sayanti for being the motivating factor that made me forget my problems and work hard in the twelfth hour to save face. And Samik, even though you have hurt me to no end and was a pain in the butt most year, I do realize that I may really want to break up with you and logically it would be right, but then you have returned my love manifolds, and “that” makes it impossible to live apart from you. Thank you so much for being the shoulder I cried on and the friend that you always vowed that you will be.

This coming year is the year for hard work where I have to put in the very best in me, there will not be a scope of excuse of why I failed to perform. Mood swings, personal problems and everything else can wait, for next two semesters are crucial. The competition is not with others, it never was, I want to reach my personal best. It is probably “the” financial year for me, as I need to save up as much as I can, without indulging into my whims and fantasies. The focus has to be with just what I aim and how I will attain my goal, it is also in training my mind to accept and acknowledge the change I will have to get adjusted to. It will not be easy but then everything comes with a price, and a little perseverance now can yield benefits tomorrow. Have a fulfilling year ahead.


Abhishek Khanna said...

happy new year

^*^Clouds^*^ said...

:) hey di!

Nice post! Though I have planned not to write a "The year that was" post. I don't wanna go back or even think about last year. It's gone. I dont wanna go back to the shadows of the past.
Yes, I really agree about the friends part of the whole post. Only you can straighten your mess..noone will help you..Only you can make yourself happy...

And yep,I'm glad I found you,di! You're just like me... * same pinch *


SUMiT said...

well as much I read ur blog...u shud have been a successful journalist by now.

c e e d y said...

best of luck with your endevours :)

srimoyee123 said...

hello raka very sweet girl

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Lots of optimism..success will be with you..keep going like a free bird..memories can stay if they want !!

phoenix said...

happy new year

@lil sis
ouuuccccccccch ai lagey pinch korish na !! :P
hugs :P

now you are just flattering me!

well thank you :)

thank you and wish you the same as well

have you gone bonkers? :P

little boxes said...

nice post
and dont you worry,the year's gonna get all good things for you.
after all,we do need a few sane people in delhi ;)
god bless you

Priya said...

I so enjoyed readinng this post...
Good Luck!