Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The second test match between India-Australia will go down in cricketing history a most shameful day where a worldwide sport witness bad umpiring and bad sporting spirits. Umpire Steve Bucknor is known to harbor some ill feelings it is supposed for earlier too India has been a victim to his wrath as batsmen were given out unfairly and outs were not given.
A test match that was most crucial to the Indians for they could draw the second match and still have one last try to win this test series but umpire Mark Benson gave Saurav Ganguly out on an incomplete dropped catch. If this was not enough, he asked the fielder and the fielding team captain to testify whether it was out or not, instead of the leg umpire or the third umpire, from when are the fielders or players multi tasking as umpires? And based on their judgment Saurav was given out a genuine not out, if this wasn’t enough, Rahul Dravid too was given out unfairly and so many more. Bhajji was accused of using the word “monkey” against Simons even though there is no footage available on it, and even after Sachin Tendulkar present there testified of this interchanged did not happen, the umpires too said that they had not heard anything; still Bhajji was called racist, and was slapped a ban for 3 matches. But what is most intriguing is why was Hogg not brought to test for calling Anil Kumble and Ms Dhoni a B*****D????

While the Indians maintained their dignity and spoke with great √©lan, in the same time Rickey Ponting, the so called captain of the world champions spoke to the media setting forth a battery of statements, some threatening and some derogating the Indians he threatened the Indians, saying that if they decided to withdraw from the match then it would spoil future ties with them, I think Mr Ponting you should really worry about that. So is it that the Aussies can sledge but can’t receive it? What do they expect Indians to sit tight and bar the unfair judgment? In a country where cricket is religion, and a country faced with apartheid and is still so [if you view this too] is being tarnished as racist and the real racist are going scot free. Mr Ponting try and adopt a better spirit and some dignity as the skipper of so called champions if you please we can set our boys to train you, try and see the footage of them dealing with the media, you’d know exactly how to deal with difficult situation, the press and people. I really hope you have learnt the lesson though I doubt your swollen ego will allow you to perceive it.

Indians sat livid and at the edge of their seats on Monday evening as news channels carried extensive reports of the footage from the match clearly showing the guilty at work! It leaves a bitter taste thinking that a thing like this can take place especially when the whole world is watching? Why had not the BCCI called back the boys, after all our pride is hurt and something should have been done? With everyone crying foul no heed was paid but then there are genuine reasons, a protocol should be maintained; a match cannot be abandoned for which the BCCI has to pay a huge amount as a fine. But what surprises me is why ICC the mother organization did not take concrete steps against those found guilty? It sure proves that ICC can be racist and treat some countries less equally and nothing can be done about it.


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a very good post dear. it's not only a shame 2 cricket but 2 mankind 2 whr v dont't respect each other....n dont refrain to cheat on the face.

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