Wednesday, February 06, 2008


i just came back today morning from our excursion from vizzaq, arraku valley and rishikonda. im too overwhelmed to write coherently. Loads happened and all good things details will come later. our train reached kolkata at about 4.30 in the morning andwe all disembarked with a heavy heart. it felt weird coming back from what seemed like paradise. its been long since we have rested and tiredness have left our sore limbs, sleep has been caught up with but nostalgia grips us painfully and the sms's and calls haven’t yet stopped from pouring all says the same thing; how much we enjoyed ourselves and just how much we are all gonna miss this trip. thanks a ton to Arindam and Shubhankar for arranging this trip and making the dream come true! now that it is all over i long for the beaches and the one place that gave me what i had always longed for!im truly blessed! these are the pics i had promised.this is my orkut profile link..there are some 100 odd pictures that i have been able to upload, do let me know how you find it and the travellogue will soon follow in the next post!enjoy!
enjoying our first view of the ocean
at the naval base at vizaq

vizaq as viewed from shimachalam

in shimachalam

on our way to shimachalam

sharing the excitement of being together for the first time,away from home.

huddled together for the journey that lay ahead of us


Standbymind said...

Hey ...looks like u had a nice trip


KAYLEE said...

glad you had fun :P

KAYLEE said...

can we talk sometime soon?

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it is always fun to take a trip anywhere anytime.....


phoenix said...

yeah i know :(