Thursday, February 21, 2008


Love is that one thing that sustains life. i live to love.we all,consciously or unconsciously crave for someone to love or be loved by.some too engrossed and entwined with the complexities of life ignore it.some find it a waste of time and some like me,always crave to be loved and to shower my unconditional love to that precious someone who would know how to receive it.

the reason behind writing this post i a cute little boy,age 3 who has taught me to love unconditionally and reinstated what i had always believed, that, none but kids can shower love without any expectation or reason. they just know how to give and receive love.

priyam is 3,he is the cutest little tot who barged into my life and laid his claim to my life securing a place in my heart without having to invest any effort!i wonder what kind of father he had who begot him and before even knowing that he had given life to a part of him and abandoned his wife, when his son, priyam was a mere foetus who was being nurtured in his mother womb.priyam is now the impetus for his mum to brave the world of sarcasm and scorn, and bring him up single handedly.

he is someone i have come to love, like i have never loved is not pity that i is as if my existence has been made worthwhile with his presence.when i come back home,tired and fatigued having been in college all day [college can be depressing] it is the look of glee and overflowing love that i get from him, that takes away from me all strain of the day.

i get a giant hug from him and all unhappiness is squeeze out of me and staggeringly i manage to hug him back,holding hi, closer to is when he rains kisses all over me, that i know life is worth the struggle,for it entails such love.

love is strange, it comes into our lives unannounced like never before.for all those who thought love can only be between two lovers think again!it took a 3yr old who taught me what life couldn't,love comes in any form,it is us need to have the courage to open to our hearts to love.


c e e d y said...

kids are a angels....yes let the love flow :)

Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

kids have that feel about them, dont they?
brats when they want to be but they make life so worth it because of their "bratiness"...

:: Clouds :: said...

Awwwwie! :)

I have my lil Bhai. But I looovvveee even smaller kids.

Sam said...

it is said, kids know more about the secrets of life than the greatest of philosophers... adn dats why kids are special!! :)
apart from the fact that you simply adore them!!

rOhit said...

Nice thoughts!
Kids, well Love 'em.
*Taare Zameen Par* :)

di.di said...

parents should understand that young kids do not want much from you. just your love and attention... is that too much to ask..