Saturday, February 16, 2008

my first experience of getting drunk!

Getting drunk was a wish I had harbored from a really long time! The problem was the same always, either I hated the odour or the taste or I couldn’t make myself do it, I am way too principalistic and moralistic to do anything that I am not supposed to! ‘how will I reach home?’ what will my parents say! What if I do something I shouldn’t? these thoughts were never away from my thoughts! But something happened that night! Our fest is going on, on our university campus, and these few days everyone is allowed to stay out till late and its almost like an festive occasion. All of a sudden it was decided that we will drink. It was a bolt from the blue which nearly petrified me, when I heard myself saying I would drink vodka. I had previously sipped vodka once, that was only a bit tolerable as it tasted like savlon others were yukkk!

After a nervous 15 minutes, the guys got it and we found a secluded place. My cold drink was laced with vodka and in fear of being caught by the gaurds I drank the distasteful drink at one go. Then I sat down with the others. It was then the first punch came, I started feeling a little fuzzy, as if I was on a roller coaster and it felt damn good. My friends say, I was smiling ear to ear, hugging my friends and claiming that I was feeling happy and was surprised at myself to actually do and do the one thing that I disliked the most!

Thankfully I had a dear friend dropping me home that day, for soon I started feeling disoriented [though I was in my full senses]. And what a stroke of luck! Even the current wasn’t there, so, somehow I reached home, silently changed and told mum that I am not hungry and just dove for my bed! When Samik knew later I was drunk, he was calm and very surprised and insisted that I should have a sip with him the next day, and I had to obligeJ! The next day on Valentines Day we mixed the same, but that day I couldn’t drink, instead forgot all about it until I came home and found it in my bag! I had loads of rasagollas that night on mum’s insistence and then retreated to my room and finding the bottled with my spiked drink, I decided to finish it off. It was then I got the first real punch of getting drunk! Going by what I was feeling, the day before was nothing! I was so wobbly that I couldn’t make it to the desk which was just 2 meters away! That night I spoke to two of my favorite people, who tried getting things out of me, questions were asked and I was in full senses even while drunk, and I answered accurately! I guess this was the high for me knowing that despite being drunk my conduct or my thoughts were as it would have been had I been somber!

Getting drunk was an experience of a kind but not something I would try anytime soon! It is personally not my thing! Despite having a ball and loved the fuzzy feeling I would not like to make this an habit! All kinds of experience is required and this too and now I know what getting drunk is, and I can securely say I need no drink to pacify me! Been there done that and I am too scared to do it again! J


Cin said...

:) Guess I will have to try it out myself now too. What was the next day like? Any hangovers?

Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

wow... im still trying to convince my bf that this is something i need to do in order to exprience the joy in life... cn u give me some pointers how to go abt it??? [:P]

Impressionist said...

good that u experienced that too! :D


phoenix said...

nope no hangovers in vodka

hm...flatter him by saying i wanna try it and id feel extremely secured if you are there when i do it :P

hmm yeah that too

Nothingman said...

well, drink as much vodka as you can in student will remember these days when you are in job and all...

my drinking tip, vodka+mountain dew+a sprinkle of chat masala :D its heaven :)

try it if you feel like it, oh, and



phoenix said...

will surely try but thats not untill for say 6 drinking till then :P