Tuesday, February 19, 2008


clouds tagged me yay!

Life ten years ago :
ten years back i was 10, so i was in class 5, the head girl of my [junior] school,it was a matter of great pride to shoulder such responsibility.life looked so much better,my best pal was with me in everything i did.junies looked up to me :).since it was the last year in junior high, it was a year of nostalgia, when growing up loomed like a monster ahead.then there was a desire to grow up and finish studies.amidst all happiness,fun and frolic was a lull of pain losing a dear friend the same year to a fateful disease.that was our first encounter with death!it shook our group but we all survived it!

Life a year ago :
i was in my first year in jadavpur university.life looked perfect.i had a perfect set of friends.i was enjoying myself and all good things was happening to me and i was having a ball but then my illusion broke and the faces behind the masquerade emmerged and it was gory and horrendous!

Life tomorrow :
i have an internal.i will be doing things i dont want to do,but i will be doing it anyways because it is expected of me.i will go through my monotonous routine of life because that is what i am supposed to do!arggh!

5 snacks I enjoy :
1.zinger burger [KFC]
2.pizza [dominos]
3.chicken roll
5.batata puri...

*slurp slurp*

5 locations I'd like to run away to :

2.Ajanta and ellora caves
3.Paris [the city of love]
4.Harappa and mohenjodaro
5.forts ad fortresses of Rajasthan

5 bad habits I have :
1.im prone to depression
2.i ponder a lot about irrelevant stuff!
4.i fuss a lot about people i love!
5.im insomniac

5 things I love to do :
talk to people i love
listen to my ipod
write my journal and my blog
be lost in thoughts!

5 things I'll never wear :
a bikini
a thong
midriff bearing top
tube top
backless choli

5 Biggest joys at the moment :
feeling alive
having the peace of my mind
doing things i want to do,not have to do

5 things I don't like :
pretendind to be something im not!
wasting time

Something to achieve next year
cracking the entrance and getting into my dream profession!

Something that has impacted me last year :
i have learnt to live alone

What I'll Miss About 2007 :
my trip to delhi

5 things I wanna do before I die :
become a journalist
have kids
get married to samik
visit firefly's hometown
write a book

now i tag


Impressionist said...

nice tag!
I enjoyed reading it! :)


:: Clouds :: said...


Firefly ke?

phoenix said...

:) i am glad u did!

kono din gtalk ay bolbo

Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

aww u tagged me!!! bt i shall only put it up aftr i gt my new blog... wich is at least a few days away..

n i agree with the zinger burgers... and the reading and all the travelling... gos i have so much to do b4 i die...

loved it!!!

phoenix said...

new blog!okies may i ask u....

c e e d y said...

cool tag.
you made me hungry :(