Sunday, February 10, 2008


The trip has been a revelation. The decision of going for the trip was probably the wisest decision I have ever taken, had I succumbed to my initial apprehension and not gone, I cant perceive of all the things I would have lost out on and specially the beautiful moments that I had the privilege to experience. A big thanks truly goes to both Shubhankar and Arindam for making this trip possible!

I went for the trip with no expectation and with no special agenda, all I wanted to do was forget every animosity and go with the flow with the people I know as classmates in a beautiful land for 6 days, for soon a year and few months will be up and we all will move on the way destiny had planned for us.

I woke up on 31st with familiar butterflies in my tummy, I was excited, to see what was in store for me and just how the next 6 days would shape up. For a person who is prone to homesickness, and I was amazed to find it never came to me. It was a happy occasion when we all met up in the station, the excitement and the thrill was palpable. It was tough to feel a sense of déjà vu even amidst such merrymaking. Soon we huddled up and boarded the train. As the train started rolling out of the platform the cheer that shot though the compartment was a proof to just how much this means to each and everyone aboard. Within minutes everyone was settled down to chat, eat, or play board games; I managed to sneak unnoticed to a solitary bunk to pen my thoughts in my journal. One of the extracts from my journal says that I actually had no expectation or inkling as to what was coming up for me. We all went the night cooped into one segment of the compartment, sleep evading us and excitement of being together away from home working as a catalyst. In the wee hours of the morning we got off at Vizaq. Our hotel was nearby so it took us about an hour to reach the hotel, get allotted our rooms and finally flop down on the bed to relax.

The first half of the day was spent going to “shimachalam” a temple on hilltops a little away from the city. We then moved to the “fishing port” it was there that we had the first glimpse of the ocean and it was breathtaking. We just couldn’t get enough of the ocean, waves breaking on the boulders and sprinkling us all over. The trip by then had started look a lot brighter and it sure looked like one pleasant ride ahead! What none of us we expecting was for our results to be out! To some it was some pleasant news! While to others like me it was earth shattering. Gloom and depression surrounded me, when everything ceased to make sense; it was a blow below the belt, an undeserving one! With the heavy heart we went to the marine drive, to Kailashgiri and then to the RK beach. It was in the beach that I found solace and calm for my troubled mind, I found a companion in one of the nicest persons I have ever met, and Arindam proved that he was indeed the silent friend who would wordlessly understand and comfort you.

The next day went away in a series of events; we went to the beach at Rishikonda. The guys were engaged in beach football while girls choose to play some games or just sit down. Thankfully I had my uncle and aunt, through whom this trip was possible, I took time out of brooding and accompanied them to the parts of the beach which others wished they had been to. It was really a breathtaking sight! The afternoon was spent huddled up in our room, trying to catch some sleep, five of us squeezed into one bed, some sleeping while others staying up to chat. Evening saw us at the beach and then the magic was woven and it was all ours. The ocean has a way of being generous, it took away all the grief and anguish and gave me back the one thing I had been longing for, for ages, it was a blessing that meant so much and went even beyond our wildest expectation. However that wouldn’t have happened if others were not there, at the right place at the right time! And that night I slept peacefully for the first time in eons with smile adoring my face, I was truly happy.

The train trip to Arraku valley was specially strenuous and tiresome for me. The night before, I had whiled time away getting to bond with a friend whom I always wanted to get to know better. My health wasn’t too well and it was pretty harrowing. After freshening up I fell into a dreamless slumber only to be woken up for lunch. In the evening we watched Santhals perform for us and we too joined them at their rhythmic almost intoxicating dance form. The sleeping arrangements were such that girls were allotted dorms and the guys rooms. At night all of us sprang a surprise on Mrittika wishing her on her birthday, and it was one touching moment for all to see her touched as Rohan sang her a soulful song. The night was spent in playing dumcharades and then the UG2’s huddling to discuss ghost stories. We had to sleep with our lights on that night.

Even though I was aware that I would probably never get the opportunity to spend time with my classmates as we all graduate in a year, I choose to keep to myself. There were answers that I was in quest of and the peace that I wanted to restore. In times of misery when the gloom was closing in, I got back something that I had lost ages back and what a celebration it was. No trumpets blew, no congregation was present and surely no prying eyes, worlds ceased to exist, as something ethereal took form and all was well again!

Train journey back home was probably the most painful ever! Home loomed menacing ahead and none too happy to return. The last evening was spent in darkness as the boys kept a vigil on us; soon the lights were fixed in our compartment but none too keen to face the brutal reality: that we would be home even before the night was out! Heart hardened and almost lurched, gloom and apprehension ruled, hours passing swiftly and soon it was time to disembark. With a jolt my world of fantasy and magic came to an end! It was all lost. Nothing will ever be the same. All I had was memories of happier times to last me a lifetime, everything else slipped into oblivion. You win some, you loose some! I won lot more than I lost! I feel blessed!


Cin said...

Glad you had a safe trip. Hope your gloomy feelings soon pass and the happiness you deserve comes roaring in to suprise you.

Sam said...

You are growing up!!! am glad about that...

Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

its such a gr8 feelin 2 b readin a proper travelogue aftr such a long time... i feel lk i ws wid u... :P

"a traveller travels all over the world in d search of something... and comes bk home 2 find it..."

i hope ur better nw

little boxes said...

its a part of growing up!
i am so happy you had a great trip!

Priyanka Sarkar said...

really missed reading ur posts!!!!m so glad i got back...well written:)