Saturday, March 01, 2008

Bad Habits!

I have been on my observing spree again and much to the irritation of firefly, who thins I am observing girls[:P] and guys as well[the green eyed monster does put up an appearance just then]I have been actually scrutinizing those around me, observing people, being my favorite pastime and what I found this time was horrendous.

Health and hygiene is such an integral part of our existence. I wonder how people exist without taking a bath, if not soap then just water, at least that can be obtained in abundance! Those who reside in PG's and messes are not just the people who subscribe to such a practice; even residents of the city too sparingly take a take a bath. God! Please have mercy on those who have to bear the atrocious odor emitting from your body, it is sheer politeness that stops us from gifting you with soap and deo's. arrrggghhh!

I wonder if people know the simple etiquettes of just covering their mouth while sneezing or using a hanky for that matter, or saying 'excuse me'. Yesterday i just managed to avoid being rained by a man suffering from flu who has forgotten to cover his mouth while sneezing. This not only is unhygienic it spreads the virus to the other person too...yew!! If this was not enough.. People split anywhere they want; despite having ample dustbins everywhere they choose to drop paper and plastic packets everywhere. Moreover after smoking for safety reasons they merrily ignore stubbing the cigarette ends. Phew!

In buses or in the streets, one of the greatest bad habits that men have is staring at a girl's cleavage [even if she is not baring it all and she is decently dressed]imagine the gall of the mean, despite getting hard glares back from the girl, the men shameless as they are refuse to avert their eyes, girls too at times are responsible for what they bring on them but then there are times, when even if properly dressed men insolently stare. Leaching comes easy to men and so does passing snide and extremely impertinent remarks about women.

one of the greatest bad habits of all times undoubtedly men not just peeing on the roads but scratching and adjusting their crotch in full view of people around!! Yuck!!! Government have made public loo’s and there is a word called privacy why gross people out by settling your underwear in front of them. Trust me! No one wants to see you do it and it really makes them feel pukish. Just imagine guys talking to friends or on the road walking have one hand on their crotch to the horror of the bystanders, how gross is that? Moreover, whenever the natures call arrives a right turn follows and the wall right next to him is sprinkled. Has anyone taught them etiquettes?

for all those who walk on the streets without a care in the world have mercy on those who are totally disgusted and thoroughly repelled by your antics, society maybe be a concrete jungle but we still have decorum and codes of conduct, kindly follow them.

P.S- this is not meant to target any specific group of people but to raise a protest to such bad habits which consciously people should try and get over!


Preetilata【ツ】 said...

yes dear, these bad habits sucks ppl do this i cnt mannerism at all. chiiiiiii :(

i wish such gross ppl chnge thr bad habits

take care
:) :) :)

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Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

lolz... you'd be surprised how many people actually do this... i have a classmate who instead of turning the other way when she sneezes, manages to let go right on me... yuck!!!

phoenix said...