Tuesday, March 11, 2008

INDIAN'S fail to qualify

For the 8 time champions of hockey, this is indeed shameful that the indians have failed to qualify for the Beijing Olympics. a game can either be lost or won and we should sportingly accept whatever the outcome of the game.so india lost, it is not a big deal but it is the attitude towards the game by the management,the organization, the nation and last but not the least the team.

in the last 15 years Indian hockey federation [IHF] has hired 15 coaches all of whom either dropped or resigned after one tournament.with no moolah flowing in and the national feeling or our national sport dwindling the lack of interest of the organization just creased.what is shocking is the two chief-Gill and Jyothikumaran, of the IHF dont even talk to each other, it is the security personal of Gill, Suresh Sharma is the de facto boss of the IHF.

the morning newspaper carries the headline "India's National Shame", yes probably it is but for all the wrong reasons.SRK, one of the richest men in Bollywood is investing in IPL and ignoring the chak de hockey that established him as an actor of substance. we are no one to decide how he makes money or invest, but then isnt it insane to spend "704"crore ruppes on IPL where the other games are almost fading into oblivion due to lack of funds.badminton national league matches were canceled last month when lack of shuttle [i can shuttle costs 1200 rs] and a national sport is reeling from the shock of being ignored and falling a poor second to cricket. the players too are dissatisfied, despite winning the Asian Cup last year they hardly got felitication whereas the crickets winning the world T20 got lakhs as the prize money individually.the players suffer from poor self esteem and lack of confidence.

My point is not why cricket over hockey?i love cricket, i love anything to do with sports but this partial behavior on the part of the people,the organization the sports ministry is really atrocious. as a sporting nation all sports should get equal attention,funds and importance.it is unfair on the government to support just one game while the rest goes downhill.the media too instead of making holier than thou comments and focus the attention to such sports which needs aid and do something worthwhile.India should take a leaf out of their new rival on cricketing ground,yes it is the Aussies, if a survey is to be carried out,it will be seen that the Aussies are champions not just in cricket there are in top 5 of any given sport and in Australia all sports find equal importance.


Abhishek Khanna said...

sad :(

phoenix said...

yea very :(

Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

it was really sad... but what makes me sadder is the fact that we get into this whole cycle of blame game instead of working harder to iron out the glitches... we are a team and you cant blame it on just one person and make excuses... own up... take responsibility... and i really think a lto needs to be done about the national game (hockey) as regards to sponsors and marketing...