Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jodha - Akbar

Ashutosh Gowarikar has surpassed himself as a director par excellence!i walked into the multiplex with mixed Barkha Dutts "WE THE PEOPLE" i heard someone remark that it was a 3long hours of watching a man try and consummate with his wife with frustrating moments of war and other irrelevant stuff.i had read reviews that said, that the movie is good only in parts and that the costume and cinematography is brilliant others its not worth mentioning.and the great controversy was that despite having learnt at school, we are told by some unknown historian that Jodha was not Akbar's favourite fact Akbar did not have a Rajput wife name Jodha. as if this was not enough, the Rajputs banned the movie terming as inaccurate and a tarnish to their brave name.

After i watched the 3 hour plus movie, something struck me that even though the movie was lengthy i found it entertaining and engaging to the very end.i don't think anyone but Ashwariya and Hrithik could do justice to the role of protagonists in this movie.they sizzle throughout as their chemistry was just breathtaking.truly "they say it best when they say nothing at all". their eyes speak it mirrors Akbar's bewilderment not knowing the Hindu customs when Jodha extends her "pujas thali" to him, her mortification and anger at being married off to a Moghal despite being a Hindu reflects in her tear filled eyes.the love that both feel are mirrored in each others eyes.its the eyes that spoke it all.both were brilliant!the cinematography was beyond comparison as the war sequence was flawless and commendable.costumes and jewellery was beautiful,music surpassed everything, A R Rehman has outdone himself and the choreography was at its best! i wonder why the Rajputs had an objection to the movie,when they were so highly praised and shown in a good light. every decade some historian crops up with a new theory of his vision of history and we are yet again forced to acknowledge it.this is a movie and a creative work, so even if a certain things have factual errors as a work of art it should be overlooked.


Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

it is a very well directed movie with the actora having done their job so well that you cant imagine anyone else in their shoes... i do think though that the movie requires a certain amount of concentration that you probably wont find in the masses because of its many layered plot...

Pri said...

weell i liked the movie ...though it was manly the sets and costume wch got me glued to my seat :)

little boxes said...

i didnt see the movie but i think banning a creation is undemocratic and a very wrong thing to do!

rOhit said...

It takes balls to even attempt a movie like Jodha-Akbar. The entire canvas is so huge. People may come and thrash the director of making such a film but they wont pause and think even for a second what all it takes to direct such a movie. Handling thousands of cast and crew isn't some hunky-dory feat. Look for the detailing in the film. Amazing Man!

And performances were top class. If there was Prithviraj Kapoor who made an image of a strict,angry and old Akbar. So now it'll be Hrithik who has left a mark of the young days of Akbar. For a change I liked Aishwarya's acting. Even the supporting cast did their job perfectly. AR Rahman is god of music. "Khawaja Mere Khwaja" is truly divine. The controversy surrounding all-over is BULLSHIT. I mean cmon, the history is ages old and why didn't anyone came up till date that Jodha's name was what not. Why all of a sudden on a movie release? Moronic jerks I say!

We should learn to appreciate the effort put behind the movie. Its a good flick nevertheless!
Ashutosh,Hrithik take a bow!

phoenix said...

so true....most around me were just making out...all they wanted was an empty multiplex i kept wondering what fools they were to miss such a good movie

god help them :P

yeah costumes and sets were damn good ya :)

i cant limit art on any account.

can you believe this Salman Rushdie writing that Jodha was Akbar figment of imagination?that all others wives he believed were figments only Jodha the real one....IMAGINE the balls??a guy who despite being an Indian has never been here but comments on our history...

i think its about time Indians to stop clinging on people who are NRI's with Indian ethnicity! :X

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Impressionist said...

I really dont have so much of patience to watch this movie!
So i havent watched it yet!


Abhishek Khanna said...

oh my god.. it was such a long movie.. bas kissi tarah khattam kari.. people actually kicked me coz i was snoring lodly in the hall.. :D

Nirmal Simon said...

I personally love the Khwaja number. Found its lyrics on and think the song is very well written. A R Rehman has done full justice to Jodhaa Akbar’s songs