Friday, March 21, 2008

Priyam' Brthday Party

Ive always emphasized how important reunion with friends are, so it goes without saying that meeting with Sayanti and Srimoyee was not only rejuvenating but also something that I hold very dear. So after months of pining for friends and what with stringent hectic schedules making it impossible to meet up, but with the birthday invite of priyam, the fourth pillar of our friendship and reunion brought us together again.

This post is not about what a wonderful time we all had, the familiar jokes, warm hugs and heartfelt emotions that resurfaced as all four of us met yet again ‘together’. But this post is about this other friend we had lost 10 years ago to an unknown illness. Though almost a decade has passed yet the incident had had a great impact on our lives, we never quite got over it all.

Yesterday at Priyams birthday get together, we met Papri’s mom. At a glimpse we recognized her and hesitantly we went over to talk. Tears filled her eyes to see us all grown up. Probably she was reminded of the fact that had Papri been alive she too would have been at the threshold of 21 and on an en route to leaving college. Papri never really grew up, she is still probably all of 10 years old, frozen in our memories. It was very painful for us to see aunty try and combat the reality and suppressed the emotions that threatened to overpower her. What struck us that loosing her only daughter has been too big a blow for her that she has lost her balance of mind. However uncle seemed a lot more stable and faced the world like a brave heart! It was almost a sad and tearful goodbye when we left.

Priyams birthday not just brought the four bestest friends from school back together on one place but it brought us face to face with aunty and in turn it helped us heal and overcome Papri’s loss. All four of us vowed to keep in touch more frequently and not just that to make sure aunty is never neglected from now on. it was one emotional and teary affair when the past caught up with us only to leave us feeling blessed to have such long and enduring friendship.


Abhishek Khanna said...

i love reunions..

phoenix said...

so do i.. :)