Sunday, March 23, 2008


Ive stolen this tag from WANDERER... this one was too good and couldnt resist myself from taking a jive at the lesser known mortals known as are the ten things i hate about men.

1.This male ego thing.just when the girl in your life brings about a significant and mind you 'positive transformation in you, making you much more civilized one of your good for nothing friend has to turn up to taunt your male ego deflating it and there goes all the hard work and hard earned achievement.drat!

2.stop scratching your crotch in public however itchy you may as a rule change your undies daily and use the thing called soap...yeww!!its really disgusting to see guys adjusting their undies and scratching their crotch in full public view!!

3.when will you people stop using walls and trenches or stray corners as peeing cubicles?its really awful to see guys peeing on the streets.they not only pollute the environment,but look so terrible doing something so private so openly and as if that wasn't enough they dont even wash their hands after they do so,so the next thing you know he is eating street food or clasping his girl friends all you girl friends first test your guy on basic civil manners and his hygiene routine to even contemplate dating him.

4.whats with the guys and their prioritizing???god!!they dont know what to do when?that is only because they cant figure which is more important and has to be done first!if they like have to sleep or meet his girl friend,he's sleep through half the date and run to meet her way after the time.guys remember the only way to impress a girl and to be in her good books is by proving you are a reliable and a nice guy,is to be on time and to show that you know how to prioritize your life.

5.agreed that most girls are daddy's pet and guys the mama's boy types but after a certain age learn to differentiate the right from wrong.if you are old enough to acquire a girl friend then grow the balls to stand up for her to your mother if your mum is giving her a hard time.internalize the fact that 'your mum can go wrong'.... and mommas boys are so uncool and so not macho types... but remember being courteous and polite to elders earn you brownie points with elders..specially with your girl friends strict dad!!

6.pretense-stop flaunting how great you are!your girl knows you inside out so no amount of you faking the cool dude attitude when you are just an MCP in disguise will impress her.she is in look out for a nice stable guy.while pretending to be something that you are not may work wonders to your ego with male friends;it can distance you from your lady love. really wonders be more is not about saying 'i love you' all the time or 'i miss you' say 100 times a day to your girl.but a thoughtful sms or a wake up call can convey these simpler and most precious feelings across to your lady love.remember everyone can do a little more with the love thing and nothing is let the love conquer all your fears!

8.i know lying seems to be an easy solution if it can bail you out of trouble but if you tell the truth it helps you in the long term.what with the '1001 excuses to give to your girl friend' being the guidebook for most guys, it is however unfruitful because it hurt more.its far easy if you just tell your girl 'look i overslept..I'm sorry' instead of saying i met with an accident and so i got late.have the courage to clear the mess you have created.

9.changing undies and socks are a must along with regular baths,with soap and shampoo-this is probably one of the most significant things that guys feel they can do without and thus as what they think as effective damage control they almost bathe in deo and cologne only to suffocate us to death, as we politely let ourselves be tortured.

10.stop talking about girls as if they are mere sexual objects.most guys boast about their girls and their attributes and their performance with their girls to their male friends.what the guys need to learn is-that there are something very personal,you dont have to discuss your sexual life and the intimate details of your relationship with your male friends.moreover if you are in a relationship ogling at girls blatantly or not is a strict no-no. Leaching is so uncool..... respect ladies because it is a woman who brings you on this planet no amount your macho-ism can compensate for a woman's contribution to this!

now i TAG clouds because i think she ll love to take a dig at this..... this is one helluva tag...


little boxes said...

oooh...i love point #2

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:: Clouds :: said...

heh.shall do.shall do.

phoenix said...

heheh... sorry aman! but all in good fun!