Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hope and Disappointment

Have you ever encountered this? You have just typed out your next blog post, which you think is great and before you could even save it, the power goes and that is the end of your hardwork? And no matter what you do you can ever fixed it? Or you have made a perfect sand castle when a big wave washes it off? Sometimes we may not like it, but it is probably the best that we start over again. Cause with disappointment comes hope, hope to make it the next time.

We all face disappointments in life. Some maybe really trivial and some not. What probably is the worst kind is when your hope dashes and you are forcefully faced with the reality, something that does not care what its impact would be on you. But we have learned to stumble, fall and then dust the dirt and walk straight again, even though our hopes are bruises and battered, we move on. And that my dear is life.

What does one do when the thing one so loves is threatened by oblivion? What does one do for the one person he/ she claims to love dearly? The answer to all of this will probably be the same for all, to try and do anything that one possibly can to salvage the situation to prevent something beautiful to fall to its fate and stop the despair and gloom from clouding the loved one’s face.

She wakes up each morning thinking how best to salvage the problems she encountered in her personal life. For she knew until she did that she will be ill equipped to handle the challenges that lay out there for her. She found faults in the one she loved and tried to make him a better person because somewhere she believed that if he didn’t change things would happen to weaken the bonds that they shared. She hopes that someday he will mend his ways but he never does. People tell her, that you should love the person as they are and not to change the person according to you. So she tries to be a bit more tolerant and patient. Probably she realized that the love of her life was not a knight in shining armour at all, he would always be what he was. He probably was just another mortal who was otherwise kind and funny and immature and nothing like what she thought he would be, but nonetheless she happened to love him. So she tried and tried hard to calm herself and over critiquing nature and willed her relationship to reach a new height. Instead of finding a solution she tried to defer dealing with it because she could never discuss the problems she was facing nor could she ever come up with a suitable solution talking to the one person she so loved, who was once her best friend, who refused to believe that there was a problem.

Each time they had a problem the root cause was always the same. And each time she was asked for yet another chance by that person to turn over a new leaf. Each time she relented because she hoped that this time, this time things would work out. When one person who comes so close to loosing the person he claims to love, whom he had won over, after a tough fight; will do whatever it takes to resolve the situation. She raked her mind to come up with newer solutions, they work for sometime and then backfire, every single of it. She then tried to change herself to be less critical of him and try to rectify the mistakes she herself had. She rebuked myself and did whatever she could possibly do to make things work. But nothing ever did. Each time she made up her mind to walk away, she is told to trust him, to give him yet another chance, and each time she relents because she hopes against hope that someday things will work out. But in a day it always goes back to being what it is.

Why should she believe him anymore? In the end she is the one to suffer. Sometimes she wishes she could just walk away, without any guilt, being at peace with herself, thinking that she has put in her best and if things don’t work out maybe that is how it was intended to be. Maybe she deserved a better life. Disappointment of not making the relationship that she gave her heart and soul to work out, hurts much more one can imagine. But what disappointed her even more is that the person she so loved, could never keep up his end of his promise of trying hard to make this work. Maybe she was not worth it. Maybe there are things in life that are way beyond our control. And there are surely things that are not meant to be. So some day she must walk away, even though heart may wrench at the very thought, but she must do it. For ahead will lie a new hope of a better live. Where she will be given another chance to build her life from the ashes, she will get to turn her disappointments and failures into the pillars of her success. The journey ahead will not be easy on her, she will cry and breakdown at every now and then but in her despair she will find hope and putting her disappointments behind she will shrug and move on, not looking back at the wimp who couldn’t save the precious thing he had been given, because he lacked the strength to fight and the “hope” for a better future.

And like Kajol says in the movie- U,Me Aur Hum. “pyaar karney liye ek junoon zaroori hota hai, par usse nibhaney kay liye bhi ek junoon zaroori hota hai“ [ to love you need passion but to make the love last needs passion too] and that holds true for dreams and hope as well. Disappointment greets us in every walk of life but the trick is to have the strength in ourselves to walk away from it to begin afresh. And that is only possible if she have faith and more importantly we dare to hope.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Something that amused me a few days back while I was following the evening news was, a presentation on how some politicians protested the skin show of the cheerleaders that were proving distracting to the youth and were against the moral codes of out bhartiya sabhyata. Among those who protested against such skin show, is himself from the film fraternity and has had his share of the glitterati yet somehow he is against the poor cheerleaders who try and add glamour and entertainment to the game of cricket. Cricket wasn’t as fun before. Surely Sachin’s boundaries and Saurav’s sixes were fun but it is nothing, if we are to go by the IPL matches.

And before you think I’m advocating skin show let me tell you I am not. I just want to portray the duality and hypocrisy of these so called moral police who will do whatever they desire for the sake of publicity before their upcoming elections. When a 12 year old, a minor got raped in the capitol, Delhi CM was unavailable fore comment, so was the commissioner of Delhi, whose own men gang raped the child. Not a word of condemnation came forward. Two days later when a 5 year old got raped, and was admitted in the hospital where she fought for her life none one came forward to protest. Yet there are these politicians who talk tall talks about morality.

Hindi cinema has evolved they say. We are breaking new grounds and exploring unexplored avenues, but there are yet those films that show skin and rake the moolah as the producers and the film stars themselves go smiling all the way to the bank as the audience takes a peculiar thrill in the entire baring act. Take a certain Miss Kapoor for instance; reduced to a size zero, she now has no qualms of shedding not only those few extra pounds but also those clothes to flaunt a bikini. And yet there are no protests. Scenes of love making and smooching clear the censor board with An “A” certificate, scantily clad women are seen dancing in reality TV shows in national television in prime time, viewed by teens and the youth finds acceptability. With reality TV shows like roadies use of abusive language, conspiracies and spitefulness is encouraged and the youth lap it up, the producers smile at the TRP ratings yet these moral police having nothing to do have nothing to do.

In the 21st century where man has gone to the moon and back, has discovered a new planet and possibility of life on the mood, where the power of the youth, the so called Youngisthan is so focused. Why not let the youth decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong. We don’t need such politicians who talk about morality but who themselves maintain double standards. The other day a prominent MP’s son was caught on the camera drunk and driving, he is now absconding while his father cried foul play by the oppositions. As long as the politicians keep their business of screwing each others lives and finding innovative ways to amuse us or rather torture us, we have reasons to bitch more but to satisfy the fossils in the parliament I guess the cheerleaders now have to somewhat cover up, groin injury anyone??? :P Yeh hai Youngisthan mere jaan!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

blogger paradise

One of my closest friend had once complimented me that I am blessed with a great set of virtual friends who are as good as the real ones if not better. This comment of his had got me thinking and I realized how true it was. It was not as if internet hadn’t already been benevolent with me, my boy friend and one of my closest friends are from the world wide web but my other friends who now seem such a great part of me, that its unthinkable of not having them around.

Its easy to be there when someone is happy. Reading a happy post always is fun, it gives you yet another reason to smile. But the challenge is to go through ones gloomy, dark and depressed posts, and I must admit I must have been a handful where this is concerned. For my part, I too have read such posts in others blogs and after a while it got to me and I ran away so I know how tough it is to console, encourage and cheer the other person up when he/she is going through a rough patch. But there are some people who are always there whenever I was in need, need for comfort and for encouragement. and i have never been dissapointed And I feel truly blessed to have such a fun set of true friends in this world of blogs which the non-bloggers call virtual.

It is such a treat to converse with Mann, it is really hard not to pass a day without exchanging daily pleasantries and updates on each others lives. Her writings inspire me to be a better person and in more ways than one and it has healed a part of me that I had buried deep within me. It was full on friendship even before our voice came over the phone. What would I have done had she not been there to encourage me and to advice me in numerous occasions. Then there is Buli aka Clouds for you.. she is some girl, she is the sister I always wanted, smart and mature, she is forever there fussing about me and just being there unconditionally; and there are those times I turn to her for help and unabashedly so. Another precious gem is kaylee, a small sweet girl who is a fighter, she is scaring her mom and her illness away with her determination, she fills that part of me that wants to nurture and to care. Then there is Priya and Vanilla Sky, Aviana and of course Bedatri… with them the interactions are not much but their warm words, always backing me up, cheering me and filling me up with positivism is just never failing, it is one big kitty party between us girls. It is great fun to share boy friends woes with Mann and those crushes and typical girlie talks with Buli.

If I share such great fun with the girls can the guys ever be left behind…. Abhishek…. God! Whenever I read his posts I envy his sense of humor and his witty behavior, this guy is all smiles all the time. Mere se free mein apna office presentation karwata hai.. aur girl friend ko gift karne kay liye, gift ka idea bhi leta hai…” bade loog bade log..hassh!” :P but I really wish I could have that cool outlook to life for I know how hard it must be to masquerade those hitches that life entails behind such a cheerful nature. Sumit da, another person I so admire, juggling work and being a writer and a writer par excellence mind you is no easy feat. Mayz he instilled me hope and taught me so many things. His experiences taught me far more than any words of sympathy could ever and that came at a time when I was despairing and loosing faith on my abilities.

Now blogging is emerging as a trend a cool thing to have. Everyone wants one. But when we began writing and penning our thoughts it was just a platform to be us, to voice our opinions and share insights to whoever who would like to be a part of our lives. And now when ive spent so many months posting, I really want to acknowledge all those people who have touched my live in their own special way. Without having you guys to fall back I wonder how I would have survived the rat race of life. Thank you. I feel blessed.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


my semester exams begin on the 25th of april and that is just a day away.we did have a long study leave and i had all the study material i required yet i did not study.all i did was waste time and sleep.and now im so busted! just imagine on other times by this time i would have finished my studying and would be on my way to do my second revisions. those who know me also know that i have a habit of making an answer and then writing and learning it and that takes a hell of a time. but this year everything was at my finger tip yet i wiled time waya.god!the panic has struck me now when it should have done so a week back atleast now i just just finished 3 of the 7 items that are in the paper that will come on the 25th.i have no idea how i am going to manage to learn all day but i know i just have to. i have worked really really hard this semester,i have put in more than 100% of my effort,when others were having a frolicking time i was making notes and studying and to this point my class grades hasnt fail me i just hope my semester results prove to be as gratifying as well.this time more than my grades i have a point to prove to myself and the world and thus the semester is so crucial for me.i hope everything goes right. as if i didnt already have my plate full with study woes and other minute problems here and there, Samik chooses to be inconsiderate and insensitive at a time like this and the rising mercury isnt helping all i need now is a miracle i.e- my memory not failing me and loads of wishes.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Kolkata Knight Riders
Image:Knight Riders.JPG
Coach: John Buchanan
Captain: Sourav Ganguly
Colors: Black and Golden
Founded: 2008
Home Ground: Eden Gardens
Capacity: 90,000
Owner: Shah Rukh Khan, Juhi Chawla & Jai Mehta
CEO: Joy Bhattacharjee
Official Website: Kolkata Knight Riders

Kolkata Knight Riders is the franchise representing Kolkata in the Indian Premier League. The team will be led by Sourav Ganguly, also the Icon Player for the team and coached by John Buchanan. The name of the team was revealed on March 10, 2008 with an official team unveiling ceremony on March 11, 2008. [1] The official theme of the team is Korbo, Lorbo, Jitbo Re (We will do it, Fight for it, Win it) and the official colors are black and gold.

Franchise History

Kolkata Knight Riders is a franchise of the eight team Indian Premier League. It was bought on January 24, 2008 by Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan's Red Chillies Entertainment in partnership with Juhi Chawla and her husband, Jai Mehta.


The logo of the team consists of blazing golden viking helmet against a black background with the name of the team Kolkata Knight Riders written in gold. The main theme of the team Korbo, Lorbo, Jitbo Re (We will do it, Fight for it, Win it) has been created by Vishal-Shekhar duo. A Knight Rider album with several singers and music composers including Usha Uthup and Bappi Lahiri will also be created. The tag line of the team is All the King's Men. The team's official color is black and gold. Black stands for the courage of Maa Kali and gold stands for the spirit of winning.The jersey was created by Bollywood fashion designer Manish Malhotra. The team also has a mascot named Hoog Lee, who is a lazy Royal Bengal Tiger and loves to eat burgers.[citation needed] The name was chosen after lot of research. The name Knight Riders has been chosen keeping in view of the kids and the youth. and is an obvious reference to the famous television show.


Sourav Ganguly, the former captain of the Indian cricket team is the icon player and will lead the Kolkata franchise. Also in the team is allrounder Chris Gayle and wicket keeper batsman Brendon McCullum. The most successful captain in world cricket Ricky Ponting follows suit with a bowling attack including Shoaib Akhtar, Ishant Sharma, Umar Gul. Others include Ajit Agarkar, Murali Karthik and David Hussey.

Current Squad


↓ Name ↓ Age ↓ Nationality ↓ Batting Style ↓ Bowling/Fielding ↓ Bidding/Sign-in Price ↓
1 David Hussey 30 Flag of Australia Australia Right-handed Right-arm off-break US$ 625,000
2 Ricky Ponting 33 Flag of Australia Australia Right-handed Right-arm medium US$ 400,000
3 Salman Butt 23 Flag of Pakistan Pakistan Left-handed Right-arm off-break US$ 100,000
4 Akash Chopra 30 Flag of India India Right-handed Right-arm medium Delhi - Ranji Trophy Player
5 Cheteshwar Pujara 22 Flag of India India Right-handed Right-arm off-break Saurashtra - Ranji Trophy Player
6 Rohan Banerjee 19 Flag of India India Left-handed Right-arm medium Bengal Under-22 Team Player
7 Yashpal Singh 26 Flag of India India Right-handed Right-arm medium Services cricket team Player
8 Debabrata Das 21 Flag of India India Right-handed Right-arm off-break Bengal Under-22 Team Player

Wicket Keepers / All Rounders

No. ↓ Name ↓ Age ↓ Nationality ↓ Batting Style ↓ Bowling/Fielding ↓ Bidding/Sign-in Price ↓
1 Sourav Ganguly (Captain) 35 Flag of India India Left-handed Right-arm medium US$ 1,092,500 (Icon Player)
2 Tatenda Taibu 24 Flag of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Right-handed Wicket keeper US$ 125,000
3 Wriddhiman Saha 23 Flag of India India Right-handed Wicket keeper Bengal - Ranji Trophy Player
4 Brendon McCullum 26 Flag of New Zealand New Zealand Right-handed Wicket keeper US$ 700,000
5 Chris Gayle 28 Flag of Jamaica Jamaica Left-handed Right-arm off-break US$ 800,000
6 Ajit Agarkar 30 Flag of India India Right-handed Right-arm fast-medium US$ 350,000
7 Mohammad Hafeez 27 Flag of Pakistan Pakistan Right-handed Right-arm off-break US$ 100,000
8 Iqbal Abdulla 18 Flag of India India Left-handed Left-arm orthodox spin India Under-19 Team
9 Laxmi Ratan Shukla 26 Flag of India India Right-handed Right-arm fast-medium Bengal - Ranji Trophy Player


No. ↓ Name ↓ Age ↓ Nationality ↓ Batting Style ↓ Bowling/Fielding ↓ Bidding/Sign-in Price ↓
1 Ishant Sharma 19 Flag of India India Right-handed Right-arm fast-medium US$ 950,000
2 Shoaib Akhtar 32 Flag of Pakistan Pakistan Right-handed Right-arm fast US$ 450,000
3 Murali Kartik 31 Flag of India India Left-handed Left-arm orthodox spin US$ 425,000
4 Umar Gul 24 Flag of Pakistan Pakistan Right-handed Right-arm fast-medium US$ 150,000
5 Siddarth Kaul 17 Flag of India India Right-handed Right-arm medium India Under-19 Team
6 Ranadeb Bose 29 Flag of India India Right-handed Right-arm fast-medium Bengal - Ranji Trophy Player
7 Sourashish Lahiri 26 Flag of India India Right-handed Left-arm orthodox spin Bengal - Ranji Trophy Player
8 Ashoke Dinda 26 Flag of India India Right-handed Right-arm fast-medium Bengal - Ranji Trophy Player

Administration and Coaching staff

Front Office:


Fixtures and Results

Kolkata Knight Riders 2008 Season

Information courtesy wikipedia.

just wanted to share some facts which i found interesting.

Korbo Lorbo Jitbore

Finally the wait was over. IPL formally was inaugurated amidst great pomp and show and why wont it, the Royal Challengers of Bangalore were the hosts and the club owner Vijay Mallya was its most flamboyant and more, bikini babes and air trapezing et all.

The day started with Ajay Jadega not al all rust with the extra innings it is here the first formal introduction to which team comprised of which players were announced.Mallya himself was present and seemed quite a pro at heading his team.soon the inaugural match began.the Indians seems a tad bit jaded but then slowly gained momentum and what a match it was. a visual treat for all cricket lovers irrespective of who supported which was really amusing to see Zaheer bowl to his former captain and team mate Saurav Ganguly out. as the skipper of knight riders walk out of the field, out comes the arch rival Australian skipper Ricky Ponting!ho ho ho! both are a part of the same team.though the batting order fumbled a little the star player Brendon McCullum spanked almost ever other ball to the boundary or way over the pavilion. even the Bengalaroo's were cheering for the quality cricket that the Kolkaa knight riders were exhibiting.

king khan the owner, of the Kolkata Knight Riders studded his side of the club house with all his colleagues and close friends, stalwarts of Bollywood.the likes of Karan Johar,Juhi Chawla,Arjun Rampal,his wife gauri khan and son and daughter all came out with strong support of the bahshah of Bollywood. they broke into cheer and the cricket enthusiastic got a treat of a lifetime to see his time being in great form giving a good beating to all the strained efforts of the royal challengers. Shahrukh's enthusiasm was addictive and the match growing intense with every passing minute.

Kolkata Knightriders scored 223- . Brendon McCullum scored a breathtaking 158*-10 fours, 13 sixes in just 73 balls creating history by scoring the highest and probably fastest till day run ever and that too in T20 cricket. it was absolutely sensational innings played by McCullum who contributed in the later innings too by catching a crucial catch that ended the days game.he was announced the man of the match and DLF's hitter of maximum sixes. he is sure to ahve a substantial hold not only in cricket but will reign in the hearts of the kolkattans as the new hero.this kiwi wicket keeper was the former captain on under 19 cricket in New Zealand. Ajit Agarkar,Dada,Ishant sharma,Dinda did their bit and in no time the Royal Challenders Bangalore were all out for 82 runs, a shameful loss at home turf.the Kolkata Knightriders won by 140 runs

Star players of the Kolkata Knightriders

Batting Bowling Fielding
Sourav Ganguly Shoaib Akhtar Ricky Ponting
Ricky Ponting Ishant Sharma David Hussey
Chris Gayle Murali Kartik Brendon McCullum
Akash Chopra Ajit Agarkar Tatenda Taibu
Bredon McCullum Umar Gul Chris Gayle