Sunday, April 27, 2008

blogger paradise

One of my closest friend had once complimented me that I am blessed with a great set of virtual friends who are as good as the real ones if not better. This comment of his had got me thinking and I realized how true it was. It was not as if internet hadn’t already been benevolent with me, my boy friend and one of my closest friends are from the world wide web but my other friends who now seem such a great part of me, that its unthinkable of not having them around.

Its easy to be there when someone is happy. Reading a happy post always is fun, it gives you yet another reason to smile. But the challenge is to go through ones gloomy, dark and depressed posts, and I must admit I must have been a handful where this is concerned. For my part, I too have read such posts in others blogs and after a while it got to me and I ran away so I know how tough it is to console, encourage and cheer the other person up when he/she is going through a rough patch. But there are some people who are always there whenever I was in need, need for comfort and for encouragement. and i have never been dissapointed And I feel truly blessed to have such a fun set of true friends in this world of blogs which the non-bloggers call virtual.

It is such a treat to converse with Mann, it is really hard not to pass a day without exchanging daily pleasantries and updates on each others lives. Her writings inspire me to be a better person and in more ways than one and it has healed a part of me that I had buried deep within me. It was full on friendship even before our voice came over the phone. What would I have done had she not been there to encourage me and to advice me in numerous occasions. Then there is Buli aka Clouds for you.. she is some girl, she is the sister I always wanted, smart and mature, she is forever there fussing about me and just being there unconditionally; and there are those times I turn to her for help and unabashedly so. Another precious gem is kaylee, a small sweet girl who is a fighter, she is scaring her mom and her illness away with her determination, she fills that part of me that wants to nurture and to care. Then there is Priya and Vanilla Sky, Aviana and of course Bedatri… with them the interactions are not much but their warm words, always backing me up, cheering me and filling me up with positivism is just never failing, it is one big kitty party between us girls. It is great fun to share boy friends woes with Mann and those crushes and typical girlie talks with Buli.

If I share such great fun with the girls can the guys ever be left behind…. Abhishek…. God! Whenever I read his posts I envy his sense of humor and his witty behavior, this guy is all smiles all the time. Mere se free mein apna office presentation karwata hai.. aur girl friend ko gift karne kay liye, gift ka idea bhi leta hai…” bade loog bade log..hassh!” :P but I really wish I could have that cool outlook to life for I know how hard it must be to masquerade those hitches that life entails behind such a cheerful nature. Sumit da, another person I so admire, juggling work and being a writer and a writer par excellence mind you is no easy feat. Mayz he instilled me hope and taught me so many things. His experiences taught me far more than any words of sympathy could ever and that came at a time when I was despairing and loosing faith on my abilities.

Now blogging is emerging as a trend a cool thing to have. Everyone wants one. But when we began writing and penning our thoughts it was just a platform to be us, to voice our opinions and share insights to whoever who would like to be a part of our lives. And now when ive spent so many months posting, I really want to acknowledge all those people who have touched my live in their own special way. Without having you guys to fall back I wonder how I would have survived the rat race of life. Thank you. I feel blessed.


Sam said...

and u make us feel blessed. though its not ahrd to imagin.. but never knew what i wrote could influence and help soemone so much... :)
thanks a lot!! :)

Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

oh my god! you made my entire year with this post... am so gonna keep coming back to read this... i think all of us are blessed to have each other... the best thing is, that we dont ever get to feel the barriers of distance and time at all... its always the same every time we talk... :)

love ya loads!!! and all the best with those papers...

phoenix said...

@sam da
you did more than you will ever know

love you loads too... :D
and thanks for your wishes

mayz said...

thanku so much...didnt realize dat a couple of comments had such a big impact on u..honoured :)

hey btw i started a new post...smthn easier to understand than The Maze

little boxes said...

thank you so much..i started reading the post without expecting to see my name in it.
but thank you so much.YOU make me feel blessed

:: Clouds :: said...

Gee!! this is sooo sweeeeeett!!!


I love you for this.. :)mwuah!

vanilla sky said...

thank you so much ! :-)

let me assert :
if my words have been sweet, your words are sweeter ! be it here or in my comments section !

Jinxed Pixie said...

what u said 'bout mann is true....i have only scrapped her a few times on orkut, and i already know that she is, i know it's very cliched but, a gem of a person...
this post is dedicated to me???