Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Just when you need to sit down and focus all your attention to the books that stare at you obscenely just then all you want to do is let your thoughts sprout wings and take flight. Scribbling at a time like this is not only blissful but also essential. So here I am all my plans and resolutions of studying gone down the drains and instead of making amends here I am penning my thoughts! How typical is that! J

Well ive been studying German romantic poetry, and the major theme or motif is how all the poets are finding an escape from the monotony of the world through imagination. And why am I talking about study stuff? Well that is because this concept of imagination has fascinated me so much that I became my own lab specimen. Consciously or unconsciously I believe we all have a specific thought or dream that we constantly resort to whenever we are stressed unhappy or even depressed. These are like comfort thoughts that in some way help us cope with the reality.

Am I being too vague here?? For example me, I have noticed this pattern every night before I actually fall off to sleep I have found myself thinking of this imaginary house that is supposedly mine. I see myself walking in, into a small but cozy apartment where only I live. This is a thought that has been on my mind as long as I can remember. And it keeps coming back. Hence its our imagination our creativity that keeps a part of us alive and helps us overcome greatest of realities. Its not just the German romantics who used imagination as flight but common man in their day to day life has hopes and aspirations which they conceive of through their imagination and works hard to achieve it. So all those who claim they are not creative enough or lack the artistic knack then think again. Every person has an inherent quality known as imagination, you don’t have to be a genius to be an artist, a person who is capable to create something from imagination.

If I thought I was making an habit of writing vague posts then I was so right and this post sure beats it. If you find this really boring and crappy please blame it on my exam hypertension. :P


Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

hey raka... i dont think that whats happening is wierd or anything... i have vague thoughts as well before i go to sleep and of late its been a lot to do with ranbir kapoor... i dont know why though... and i remember watching an animation in which they said, "when they say that anyone can be a great artist what they mean is that a great artist can come from anywhere."

c e e d y said...

I dont think it is vague at all - you are just an artist trapped in a students body - matter of time you will seperate the two - till then keep dreaming - (just dont make it a hope) so you dont feel sad when the dream does not convert to reality

and i never knoew germans could be romantic!!! - hitler st all :)

phoenix said...

ranbir haan?cmon yaar he is gergeous and all :P

oyee ever heard of goette and schiller?man these people are stalwarts hitler is a poor brand ambassador to those germans poor them!