Tuesday, April 08, 2008

phew!finally my semester is over!so just one more year before i graduate only to leave college and never to see any of my college mates!:P lol! till then i have to endure them!hehehe jokes apart, my study leave is on then semester exams and then im free for the rest of the summer but then like almost every semester i am NOT going to make a speech as to how infrequent i am going to be on blogger.on the contrary im going to be more regular reading and commenting,something that i have been unable to do in the past few months.

there is a big thank you to all those who commented on my last post written in bangla.i needed all the encouragement,thankfully i didn't get many panning and critiquing my writing!sigh! :P this is my last post in bangla and maybe not least but then the next one is not coming up anytime soon! so all you people can now heave a sigh of relief! :)

choosing clothes to wear to college is an un hill task.im not the regular girl who wakes up only to find a new item in their closet to wear,or new ways to tie their hair or the different arts of make up is something that eludes me.but just the basic requirement for me is to wear freshly laundered clothes,which i have hopefully not worn that week or the week before[im a little conscious about that!i plead guilty :P] to college.but with this study leave and all this forever puzzle of finding something to wear to college has ended even if temporarily so.

i acquired a new student.he is in class 7 but then massive,im almost scared that he will sit on me to squish me if i don't toe his line!moreover he is obsessed with wildlife!but pay is good so im not complaining :)


Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

hey hey hey... happy post... i'm just waiting for my exams to finish and then i'm off to enjoy the illusion that is freedom for the next two months... and about the choosing clothes, i dont make much of a fuss funny enough... my roomies all say that i am a "dhabba" in the name of the female species... but really, jo hai wahi to pehhenna hai na? and about your new student, you better not give him any detention and extra homework...

Sam said...

hmmmm.... i think i better scram.. not my kinda topic!! :P

c e e d y said...

hhaha - happy post - so enjoy this last year - you will retain this memory bank forever

phoenix said...

arey yaar the student is really HUGE!

@SAM da
o comon!you hav clothes issue too im sure

:) god!i hope not..i dont want memory bank of such people!just pray for a selective memory!:)

Abhishek Khanna said...

hehe.. col tht ur eggjams are finish :)

Abhishek Khanna said...

and yeah .. pichle post ka translation bhi daalo english mein

Standbymind said...

Soon u shall be outta college

Wishes for exams...me juts have a month left
:) wow!!!

vanilla sky said...

hey! same here on choosing clothes on colg mornings!
'massive' for student should be read for his size? !!
i thought his syllabus!

Kaylee said...

Love that pOST :P

i am quite sad though!

mayz said...

wow!!! first time i have read a light hearted post on ur blog...this is how u shud write :)
btw wat subj r u teachin d poor kid