Wednesday, April 23, 2008


my semester exams begin on the 25th of april and that is just a day away.we did have a long study leave and i had all the study material i required yet i did not study.all i did was waste time and sleep.and now im so busted! just imagine on other times by this time i would have finished my studying and would be on my way to do my second revisions. those who know me also know that i have a habit of making an answer and then writing and learning it and that takes a hell of a time. but this year everything was at my finger tip yet i wiled time waya.god!the panic has struck me now when it should have done so a week back atleast now i just just finished 3 of the 7 items that are in the paper that will come on the 25th.i have no idea how i am going to manage to learn all day but i know i just have to. i have worked really really hard this semester,i have put in more than 100% of my effort,when others were having a frolicking time i was making notes and studying and to this point my class grades hasnt fail me i just hope my semester results prove to be as gratifying as well.this time more than my grades i have a point to prove to myself and the world and thus the semester is so crucial for me.i hope everything goes right. as if i didnt already have my plate full with study woes and other minute problems here and there, Samik chooses to be inconsiderate and insensitive at a time like this and the rising mercury isnt helping all i need now is a miracle i.e- my memory not failing me and loads of wishes.


:: Clouds :: said...

Iish!we Virgoes are such BIG PERFECTIONISTS,nah?
anyway,fuck all other probs,you shall do veryvery well.
and your memory won't fail you. :)
Love and Hugs.

vanilla sky said...

don't worry, this kind of woeful thoughts strike before every semester!

all the best!

Sunshine gal said...

You will do just F9..Dntcha worry abt dat..

phoenix said...

girl you just have read me through :)

@vanilla sky
yeah each and every time can u beat that?

i sure hope so re...ja tension hocchey

Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

all the biggest and bestest of luck to you... you'll be fine...


Pri said...

happens girl...happens!
time like these our mind takes over sometimes and when ur confident of having put in ur best earlier, it tends to relax a bit...
maybe thats what happ here..
dont worry..ur memory wont fail u...and studying all round the year definitely helps...
last min u r just supposed to chillax and listen to music anyways :)
jo kuch pehle kiya hain woh toh yaad rahega dont worry..
as for the wishes,thats what we are here for...

sending a truckload of best wishes ur way... :)
answer well!
and till exams are through, dont think about SAMIK ;p

little boxes said...

do very well,dont worry