Monday, April 28, 2008


Something that amused me a few days back while I was following the evening news was, a presentation on how some politicians protested the skin show of the cheerleaders that were proving distracting to the youth and were against the moral codes of out bhartiya sabhyata. Among those who protested against such skin show, is himself from the film fraternity and has had his share of the glitterati yet somehow he is against the poor cheerleaders who try and add glamour and entertainment to the game of cricket. Cricket wasn’t as fun before. Surely Sachin’s boundaries and Saurav’s sixes were fun but it is nothing, if we are to go by the IPL matches.

And before you think I’m advocating skin show let me tell you I am not. I just want to portray the duality and hypocrisy of these so called moral police who will do whatever they desire for the sake of publicity before their upcoming elections. When a 12 year old, a minor got raped in the capitol, Delhi CM was unavailable fore comment, so was the commissioner of Delhi, whose own men gang raped the child. Not a word of condemnation came forward. Two days later when a 5 year old got raped, and was admitted in the hospital where she fought for her life none one came forward to protest. Yet there are these politicians who talk tall talks about morality.

Hindi cinema has evolved they say. We are breaking new grounds and exploring unexplored avenues, but there are yet those films that show skin and rake the moolah as the producers and the film stars themselves go smiling all the way to the bank as the audience takes a peculiar thrill in the entire baring act. Take a certain Miss Kapoor for instance; reduced to a size zero, she now has no qualms of shedding not only those few extra pounds but also those clothes to flaunt a bikini. And yet there are no protests. Scenes of love making and smooching clear the censor board with An “A” certificate, scantily clad women are seen dancing in reality TV shows in national television in prime time, viewed by teens and the youth finds acceptability. With reality TV shows like roadies use of abusive language, conspiracies and spitefulness is encouraged and the youth lap it up, the producers smile at the TRP ratings yet these moral police having nothing to do have nothing to do.

In the 21st century where man has gone to the moon and back, has discovered a new planet and possibility of life on the mood, where the power of the youth, the so called Youngisthan is so focused. Why not let the youth decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong. We don’t need such politicians who talk about morality but who themselves maintain double standards. The other day a prominent MP’s son was caught on the camera drunk and driving, he is now absconding while his father cried foul play by the oppositions. As long as the politicians keep their business of screwing each others lives and finding innovative ways to amuse us or rather torture us, we have reasons to bitch more but to satisfy the fossils in the parliament I guess the cheerleaders now have to somewhat cover up, groin injury anyone??? :P Yeh hai Youngisthan mere jaan!


Aruni RC said...

Hear, hear!
On the same tone, the newspapers themselves contain rather lurid images. And hey, aren't kids supposed to peruse the papers? They'll do the jumbled words (oh yeah) and become temporarily presbyopic abt the bikini on the next page.

At least the ban's lifted. Double standards - hey, it's India!

Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

did you hear what rakhi sawant had to say about it? "ban them because they are vulgar."

poetic justice, my ass...

Sahefa said...

Nice blog. Especially the template is great.

mayz said...

i swear the hypocrisy here sucks!!!

phoenix said...

darn right you are :P

lol! he bhagwaan tune aisa din kyun dikhaya :D hahaha!


phoenix said...

yeah tell me about it!god!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

the hypocrisy of these stupid politicos ( also fat with black money) jst gets 2 u , instead of wasting time on very "important" issues like cheerleaders y dodnt they luk into wat they do , idiots!
where does their morality go wen they go lolling after a certain sawant?? & u know if they want 2 stop cheerleading they should go & dance there!!

vanilla sky said...

ohh these people!
now they r saying ipl is promoting alcohol, as banglaore team is named "royal challege-" ers