Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bengal has gone to the dogs

its so depressing somethings for nothing ever happens here in kolkata.no shakira performs, no great companies set up their offices and no major industries ever set up their factories here.construction of bridges and roads take ages.i remember when i was in Delhi, the amazing series of bridges and fly overs that make it easier to travel despite the huge traffic problems they face. and their construction too is so swift,normal life is not hampered due to it in any way unlike in kolkata. there is one new fly over near my house,it took almost 12 years to complete,by the time i left school is saw it being completed when the plannings had begun almost from the time i had joined school,can you believe that? every other day there is some morcha here.nothing constructive ever happens.

If you are thinking I'm gonna rant and stomp about blaming kolkata and its backwardness then no.I'm not a misanthrope but a responsible citizen who worries about the future of my state about whom it was once said "what Calcutta thinks today, India thinks tomorrow" i just cant take the fact that despite being a part of this city people don't love it enough to do something for it. there is this fly over which was constructed after great debate whether the railways or the government should construct it, in the end both divided the work and constructed it. and then a few years down the line it almost fell apart. instead of helping the traffic, the blame game is on as to who should repair it while the poor citizens suffer.

Having SRK endorse Kolkata Knightriders was probably one thing that had promised new things newer avenues to the kolkattans who are often denied any celebrity presence unlike other major metros. the latest joke comes from our very own minister of state who claims that hosting an IPL match on Rabindra jayanti will be disrespectful to the Nobel laureate... as if.. he is a genius in his own right and no one can ever dream of being disrespectful.just because the this certain politicians illegal demands arn't being fulfilled he finds a good excuse to create a scene to grab eye balls!who will ever tell them to stop such games and do something worthwhile! this is so disheartening to see students leave their city and leave for another or even the country to study or work abroad.out talent pool seeks nourishment elsewhere where we unable to provide any facility or infrastructure, not only are we loosing out on talent but own capabilities like this. where other cities are taking the necessary step towards progress Bengal and its people are more bothered about themselves and about their present not having the foresight to try and analyze the tomorrow that will dawn to a barren and isolated land.i think it is high time people wake up to their responsibilities or it just might be too late


KAYLEE said...

Love you and that post. Its okay if you cant come online.. I understand... I hope we get to talk sometime though :)

Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

dont worry raka. i know things are just blah sometimes but they always have a way of working out. me shall call you tonight...

phoenix said...

i was online for the last two days couldnt see you...internet playing up again :(

yay!im looking forward to it :D