Thursday, May 08, 2008

heat wave and stench

Kolkata heat day by day is getting more is not just the heat but the humidity that makes it far worse.a strong advocate of the summers, i too find it hard to revel in this heat and humidity.each day in fragments the sky gets cloudy and the prospect of rain keeps us hoping for some respite.but god tricks us once again!hai lord! :P since the heat is on of full force what people should do is drink water enough to detoxify themselves and keep themselves hydrated. but no!they don't buy deo's neither do they bother to keep themselves stench free.remember the popular add when this girl walks into a train and straight into the arms of her Mr perfect and he smells her sweat and walks right out leaving her disappointed? well that's whats happening to everyone but they seem unaffected when others gag to death

The other day i was returning from my tuition's and i was on this very famous bus,which everyone avails to.packed like sardines and sambhalofying my dupatta and my ipod [yes i choose that very day to be the bhartiya nari..drat!] and that precarious situation druhin called with yet another problem of his,what a timing,i tried ignoring the call as it is i had my hands full,he called me enough times to vex my co passengers who were getting bothered at my phone while i was solving his yet another getting drunk and making out,problems hanging from a rod with my share of two inch space.this man beside me was sleeping,yea you heard it right while standing and my god! he stank like hell.he looked like a IT professional in this late twenties, and while swaying he found me for support.god!what odour!i could barely manage to breathe.then there was this other guys right behind me with a massive butt and he appeared to be talking and snorting on the phone and almost farting at intervals synchronising with his snorts. as if this wasn't bad enough, then a fat lady got up and started literally pushing her way into a comfortable position ,grumbling and groaning merrily stepping on people and not caring even a bit for the discomfort she was causing to all of us who barely managed to stand.and then after having settled herself she gave a burp,loud enough to be heard in the whole bus which was stuck and the traffic for the past 10 minutes. and then a weird stench filled the air.arrggh!it was nauseating!i wonder how i managed to hang in there till my stop came.when i got down i gratefully spluttered and breathing again. during that harrowing time i could barely contain myself from taking out my deo and spraying it on everyone.shesh!what an experience!


little boxes said...

my sympathies.

vanilla sky said...

experiences in public transport seem to be endless for everyone!

Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

wow... you have all of my sympathies... but forgive me while i gloat, its pouring in siliguri. and the nights are freezing. but having just returned from 45 degrees of dry heat, i have a cold and sore throat...

phoenix said...

@little boxes
:( thanks

@vanilla sky
yeah it was terrible!!

@bubbles of firewhiskey
WHAT???? shit!!! i wanna go to shilliguri

mayz said...

oh reminded me of d college days in delhi travellin in DTC buses

phoenix said...

yeww :)

Vikram said...

sweet lord! you had more than your fair share, it is not a daily it? :P

PS - needless to assert, a new visitor. Your writing is remarkably interesting.