Monday, May 05, 2008

tag tag tag!

Ive been tagged again and this time its vanilla sky :D

the rule is: one has to pick up 5 creeds of people they hate and why. too good types - these presumptuous people think no end of themselves, their attributes and of course their talents. maybe they are so but they create the hype about themselves which is often too much in the face that it often shows them in poor light and is of course down right repelling. spoilt brats - mom and dad has filled their son/ daughters pockets with enough cash to compensate for the love,the discipline and morals they should have taught them.and these are the same children who grow up not to care about emotions,getting drunk,using others to fulfill their needs and looking down upon others treating them like dirt.they expect others to hand over their personal notes instead of texts before exams.they pounce upon hardworking individuals to do their work.

3.callous and frivolous kind - these people do loose talk.if they at all open their mouth their either joke,talk non sensible talk or criticize others.mostly they have nothing much to do and so they hardly have morals or principals. these are the same people who don't value time,often turn up 10-15 minutes late for appointments and think the world is their oyster.for them ambition,hopes and dreams do not exist.they believe in living in the present and flounder in future.such people are too lazy to work hard, and surely fail in life and then blame everyone else but their own doing. parasites - these are those people who live their life on others.they are found everywhere.they try and indulge you into buying them a drink,a cigarette or even borrow cash from you with no assurance of giving it back.they try and use others to fulfill their own needs sucking them clean monetarily or even emotionally.these are found mostly around a influential or affluent people, who can serve as a stepping stone or give them immediate perks.

5.politician types- tall talks but hollow inside.for such people morals don't exist.they fib,pretend and put up a facade but in actuality they are just hypocrites.mostly such people are pseudo intellectuals who try and carve words out of so called talent,they rip of articles written by anonymous people,mix with so called elites,and give an impression of being a honcho themselves but they are nothing but ordinary.

i bless the one who has created this tag,cause it gave me an opportunity to bitch about certain category of people,a personification of people who exist in real life! :P this was one helluva tag!i hope you had fun reading it as mush as i had in writing it. :D hallelujah!


vanilla sky said...

very well written!

and girl! you've handled the tag much better than me!

Abhishek Khanna said...

nice tag.. phew

phoenix said...

@vanilla sky
coming from you it means much :)