Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Knight Riders fail miserably

After what was a fabulous beginning not just to the IPL matches but their own score card, the Kolkata Knightriders disappointed much more than they could ever have impressed. They lost staright 3 matches and are on their way to their 4th. What with McCullum and Pointing on their way home. Left with an ancient captain, puny new comers and some not so famous crickets trying to prove their mettle and failing at it.

What was adding insult to injury was that baring the skill, the team lacked in their will power, self confidence and appeared to shake in their boots as the opponent’s strong or not so weak innings at the crease squished them. The much famed Ishant Sharma could hardly bowl 2 balls in one over in line to the wicket; he literally kicked the opponents balls to boundary without contributing much to his own team. Pointing, the world famous Aussie captain of an almost invincible team just failed to create even a ripple in IPL and took back a whopping 3.4 crore for just 39 runs in just 4 matches. With no real talent or even the dire or passion to fight it out, the SRK’s team seems to chant boshbo [will sit], dekhbo[will see] and harbor re [will lose] instead the much famous chant korbo[will do] orbo[will fight] and jitbo re[will win]

To me it seems that the moolah that each player is raking in finds more prominence than their actual game. Maybe I am being to harsh here but then in a T20 format where it is an upbeat game where anything can happen, one cannot afford to sit back and bid time or even have sparing thoughts. The money is good and all the audience who spare their days of work to turn up buying a most expensive ticket and yet there are let down by their team. Sometimes I wonder what is the thought that goes through their mind, when they come down to play. I’m a sports person too. I have represented my school and university at a state level rowing competition. I know how it is to loose but I also know how to put it the last ounce into the game willing myself not to give in. sometimes the skill is not there but the desire but the zest is, the passion should be visible even the team eventually loses. Even though it is highly disappointing and excruciatingly painful for an ardent cricket fans like me but what is more important is, the Kolkata Knightriders don’t deserve any sympathy for their awful performance and nor do they deserve the hype. The other players proved themselves much superior at a platform where all were equals. Dada I think you should stop playing the bangali’r chele card and milking people of the sentiments of your one time glory which ahs long since faded and retire gracefully before the team India kicks out an old hag life you. Sometimes reputation comes a better option than money. Think about it!


KAYLEE said...

Thats sad :( and I miss you!

phoenix said...

i mis u too kaylee but im unable to come online the times we used to before due to the hectic times i have so sorry

Priyanka Sarkar said...

i lovethe boshbo dekhbo harbo bit!!![:)]well written as usual...
been long since i have u been??