Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Leap Of Faith

There she sat, on the deck of her car her face turned away towards the windshield. She had no clue why she drove up here, except that some vague memory of this place had haunted her for the past 10 months of her suffering from amnesia. Tears streaming down her face streaking the cold glasses, the pain and anguish of not knowing who she was and where she belonged to, was now unbearable. She wondered how long god will be cruel to her and hide her identity from her self. Each morning she would wake to a cheerful Laurie who would try and help her remember her life. This guy who called himself her childhood friend was not deterred by her inability to recall the past, each day she would try harder but all in vain. She couldn’t even recognize him. But she felt safe, for the care and concern mirrored in his eye. Will she ever get her memory back? Will she remember him? The pain she caused him by failing each time tugged at her heart and now she felt helpless. She sat up and hugged her legs and rested her chin looking ahead at the vision that stretched forward, now blurred by the think mist. Such tricks that fate plays.

Nearby a car screeched to a halt. And Laurie got out; Sara has been missing for almost two hours. What with her memory gone and her volatile temper, one had to be cautious while dealing with her. So when he found a pair of tracks leading to the hilltop, a secluded place that he and Sara would frequent in childhood, he decided to follow it. Once he spotted her car, relief flooded in, he was half scared that she would loose her way in the mist. He had spotted her lying there atop her car face shielded way on the glass. She had been crying. He knew. Her agony killed a part of him slowly and maliciously. But he could do nothing to remind her of her life before that fateful accident. Loosing her fiancé teddy must have been too big a shock to get out, he wondered.

Sometimes unable to bear the charade any longer, he longed to tell her how much he loved her, but then the fear of loosing her had stopped him in his tracks. He had always loved her when Sara was just a girl blossoming into a lady. With her over sized tee and baggy jeans and hair hastily tied into pig tails, she would play basket ball with him. She was the only girl among boys and was mighty feisty at it. He smiled as memories came back. He remembered that prom night when no one had asked her out and she had been up here, the very spot she was now, some 10 years old she was then, and he had followed her up and consoled her, and then under the stars they had wished. Wishing upon stars always reminded her of him, he was like the star who made her wishes come true each time; she had always said as she had hugged him for being there for her. He then had assisted her to the ball. How happy she had been to prove to the world that indeed there was someone who thought she was worthy. She had thought he had done it to please her, because he was her best friend; but he had done it because he had loved her. He had known it ever since. And even today he hoped, probably for the millionth time that she would remember her life before the accident, not for him but because it meant so much to her. She knew how hard it was for her not to remember even herself. But he was patient, he was going to prove the doctors wrong by assisting her to retrieve her memory, and time was irrelevant.

The forlorn look on her face tugged his heart; he knew she was trying to remember something; maybe the time had not come yet. The mist was clearing and the bridge and highway was soon going to be visible. Dusk was falling fast and there was a distinct chill was in the air.

As if roused from a deep slumber, Sara moved trying to analyze the pieces that were now falling into place. It was all coming back to her. she finally remembered. This place that was a witness to her friendship with Laurie, and the blossoming love that friendship ultimately evolved, to their childish squabbles and that day before she left for college, when she had hoped that Laurie would finally ask her out; but he had disappointed her. She knew then that to him she was just a friend and would remain so. Thus dejected she made her journey out of state to pursue her academics abroad. But they had always kept in touch. When Laurie graduated she was the first to know, when she acquired her new boy friend Teddy he was the first to know and when he had gotten his dream offer of being a fashion photographer she had been the first with whom he had shared his news even before he had told his parents. In a flash she remembered telling teddy about Laurie’s news and how she had cried to him expressing her grief of never being able to see Laurie again. It was ted who had made her realize how much she still loved him; and he then offered to drive her to him before Laurie left on his trip to Paris where he was to settle down. Driving on that rainy day in an unthinkable speed had been a rash decision but they had to do it if they were to catch Laurie before he left and then the accident happened. On hearing about the causality Laurie had rushed to the hospital willing Sara to live, she had but Ted had succumbed to fate. He had assumed that Sara was still in love with Ted and she couldn’t come to terms with her loss. This had torn him apart but he put his emotions aside for her happiness and been there wordlessly even to the extent of giving up his career in Paris to take care of her.

She quickly fished out her cell phone from her pocket trying to call Laurie and share with him the gift that god finally bestowed on her. The phone rang and she turned around only to look into his eyes.

“I know.” He mouthed and wordlessly hugged her. How had he found her? How did he even know what I was about to tell him?

“You must have really loved him Sara.” He sighed. “Ted was special, he will be remembered always, for he was loved, loved by a beautiful person like you.” She smiled into his chest and realized what had been in front of her for ages and she had not bothered to look deeper.

“Yes he will be missed.” She whispered. “He was a special man who realized before I could how much I loved you; that is why he was driving me to meet you when the accident happened.” And she snuggled into him further but found him become all frigid.

“You love me?” he asked hesitantly.

“I always have.”

“Why did you not tell me then?”

“I was scared of losing you, of not being good enough for you.” She mumbled as a tear slipped out.

“Oh Sara! What have we done?” he groaned and pulled her to him, almost crushing her. The agony and pent up emotions, for so many years finally getting the better of him. Tears washed his face as happiness like the rays of sun enveloped them into its sheltered cocoon. They had both loved each other but never had the faith to see it blossom but there was still time to set things right.

“How did this ever happen to us?”

“Well I guess wishing stars do help eh? All those nights when we used to smuggle up here, to talk and to have those midnight picnics, I have wished upon every star, hoping that someday you will love me.”

“I do love you, you know?”

“I know it now, but not then when I left for college.”

"We have to make up for a really long time” he said, as he pulled her close as they walked ahead to their cars.

“Yes a long time, but tell me, are we like dating each other? She asked mischievously

“Hmm maybe... Lets see.” A playful blow hit it right on his face.

“Aww that hurts.”

“Not knowing you love me, hurt even more.”

“Let’s not build our lives now on what ifs and on the ruins of our past. Let’s revel in the faith that we had on each other, which ultimately reunited us, and the love that will be forever ours to cherish, he muttered as he led her away.

That night when she lay on her bed, she felt safe and secure and more importantly at peace, for the first time in months. Love has a way of making life look more beautiful. When the new dawn will break tomorrow, she will wake up to a new world, with just her and Laurie, her friend and now her would be husband; he had proposed marriage and she had said yes. Life now felt complete and all for the leap of faith. She sighed as the slumber overwhelmed her and she drifted off to sleep.


P:S-This is my first attempt at story writing. I think I really suck it but but then I wanted to share it with my blogger friends because this was the first I felt confident about telling a story. Rotten eggs and tomatoes will gladly be welcomed.


Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

are you sure that was your first attempt? th buil up was phenomenal!!!

Jeya Anand said...

Good one raka:)
doesn't look like a first attempt..

vanilla sky said...

very well written !! the characterisations were fantastic!
i read & re read!

AVIANA said...

do not knock your writing! it is a reflection of who you is you soul..your creativity....

keep at it!

little boxes said...

nicely written...keep at it,you will get better

mayz said...

hey nice one...really cool!!!

d url for d other blog is

phoenix said...

thank you so much..i cant begin to express just how much your comments meant to me.usually im insecured about what i write but tjhis time i had faith and thank you all for not letting me down.