Tuesday, May 20, 2008

whorehouse drama

well well so sorry haven't been online despite wanting to so desperately.actually i had exhausted my internet download limit so i thought id restrain myself to some extent :P! anyway the good news is that my semesters have ended earlier this month, in case i didnt already tell you, and thanks to mann aka manita deo alias miss firewhisky i got an opportunity to atleast apply for an internship with the The Telegraph;which in itself is a grand thing now getting in is somewhat irrelevant because i know we both tried our best :D . since samik had the week off last week we finally got to spent more time than usual with other, though nothing exciting happened.but these moments without the tension or worries to head home in time for my next days class or his office, we enjoyed each others company in our own relaxed space.anyway the week has gone by and new one here.phew!

wondering at the weird title?? well what ive been going though the last few days is nothing short of hell! and the kind of drama that nearly fatigued me. phew! this old friend of mine, who was my closest friend suddenly turned up and claimed i gave no time, im good for nothing and so on and so forth. she choose to fill my orkut scrapbook with her sentimental,irrelevant scathing words, which i could make no head or tail about?i wondered at this sudden outburst. since exams were on i could only pacify her by saying that id deal with it once im done with my studies! but she was in no mood to listen.called and smsed and hounded me, with her sobby stories so much that i snapped! god!some people know only to cling! uff after a lot of rona dhone scraps i called it quits. mom and dad finally understand the hell ive been going through. and guess what this so called friend of mine went even to the extent of reading all my scraps to all my friends and finally scrapped me back with another truck load of shit!finally i sent her packing off...sometime it was! a sad ending to a good friendship :( but the friendship that just demands and not understands,is in fact no friendship at all.

o there is this another bitch, a friend to turned into a rotten gold digger.she fibbed on an imaginary mishap and duped me of 1000 bucks.she was in fact a really nice friend,so i thought so.but then what can you say,never judge a book by its over,its way misleading. but anyway i guess the bitched needed the money more, i really pity her. i hope god stops her from begging or stealing from people, after they are bad habits, maybe her folks and school dint teach her soo... tut tut tut! :(

aaaaaaaa now for the biggest bitch ever, the mother of my newest student. filthy rich she is, and my my what a son! a wild life maniac, with a body odour that of a caged tiger, with the urge to go potty every few hours...shesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!and in academics he was nothing short of fused tube light.ive been devising plans to get the monster off my back when her mom did the honours herself :D. the bitch fought with me regarding pay[i wanted pay the the begining fo the month and she wanted to pay me at the end of it] she gave it to me 2 classes after she was supposed to.but i pardon even her poor lady sitting on a coffer with a hulk of a son to take care,i know what a life she must be having. no worries mam i forgive you

PS- i just wanted to shed my "miss goody two shoes" image and wanted to viciously bitch :) so pardon me :P


vanilla sky said...

he he! i remember your post where you seemed quite elated at the acquirement of the new student!

is this the same 'huge' student??

Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

lolz!!! way to go sweetheart! loved it and not just because it shed the goody two shoes image, but because its been a while since i heard you rant [:P]

i hope the internship thing works out ya... keeping my fingers crossed for ya... [:)]

phoenix said...

@vanilla sky
ya the one and only HUGE student :)

heheh i can rant bad cant i?:)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

i tell u these moms of idiots think they r the greatest einsteins of this world!!!

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