Thursday, June 05, 2008

Rainy post

Finally it started pouring and about time too. The mercury was not only on the rise but humidity plummeting as well. It was really proving to be fatal. And i can just talk about myself. it really used to be harrowing to step out of home with the sun scathing my toes and whichever part my umbrella couldn’t shield. not being the dainty types who does not step out without an umbrella, still i had to resort to one as a temporary respite to the scorching sun.

it had started to rain from 5am this morning. And it has been raining since. its almost a privilege to sleep in with such a beautiful weather. its dark and extremely rainy. from the looks of it, it is going to pour cats and dogs. and this is what makes this holiday even more special. Yesterday the UPA government had issued new steep fuel price hike all over the country due to inflation. And all the left parties are calling a bandh today to protest and hordes of other parties follow suit tomorrow. so for most it is a week long holiday based in an extremely bad incident. not being an economist and all, i don’t really understand how the economy of the State works but then if the middle and the lower class have to suffer thus then the government which claims to be "by the people and for the people" is not government at all. And with the looks of it, what with the fuel price hike, and the hike in air travel and inflation threatening to assume a double figure mark im sure that the UPA government is on its way out. while they plan out strategies to score the home run millions are wondering how on earth things will work out as not all in the private sector gets even half of what the government sector does. if these thoughts does not dampen my spirits i dont know what else does.

College reopens in exact 1 month and i cant say im looking forward to it. Last year at this time, i have having the time of my life and now its the same me who instead of cribbing about the long holidays, is enjoying every bit of doing nothing at home. I know however that next semesters is going to be really tough with four honors papers and the study getting more analytical and less text based so that would only mean more hard work than usual. And since its just 2 more semesters, it can be my only few opportunities to elevate m grades to a notch higher. The competition is not with who gets more marks and how, but it is in bettering my score.

enough of depressing thoughts and now all i wanna do is to run upstairs and get soaked to the skin and this is exactly what i am going to do.untill next time!cheerio!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

So finally the dreaded anniversary is over and now I can afford to heave a sigh of relief. Getting a gift for a guy can be tough. The options are minimal. The same shirts, or perfumes and deo’s, watch. Whereas gift items for girls are abundant, one can go on and on. And if you are in a relationship as long as I am, with Valentines Day, birthday, anniversary, pujas, and Christmas coming every year without fail. Things can get tricky.

The mere thought of shopping of gift ideas seems to weigh me down months before I even have to go out to shop. I like to think of myself as a sensible shopper but I need someone to accompany me or I am so down and out and will probably never venture out. so if its not Samik then it has to be Ipsy I will go shopping. As a shooping companion Ipsy is just perfect. She wouldn’t mind walking hours, going various places all at once if only to get the perfect pair of “white shoes” she so needs wear with a particular outfit of hers. So it is a treat to go shopping as you are never in a hurry to get your work done.

Since it was Samik’s birthday, and I had to buy him something. We both started racking our brains weeks before. Ideas were exchanged over sms’s way past midnight. Options were weighed and thought over. And when the day came, ipsy and met up in the metro station and we rechecked ‘what to buy’ list and set off. We went all over the city crawling to each corner and finally after a whole day of stress we returned home barely managing to stand up straight. But ho ho ho! The shirt I bought Samik was a size too big. Had got dad a shirt too, the same size. [since both have similar structure] now the problem was going back and getting ti changed. And I was dreading going back alone and I wasn’t even sure if id be able to find the shop out alone.

Mom then dropped an idea to tag dad along to get the shirts changed. But hell! How was I supposed to get Samik’s shirt changed with dad? It looked so weird and I’m not all that free with my dad and this would be terribly embarrassing. And my nightmare came alive. Luckily they had a size small for dad’s shirt and when I took out samik’s shirt sneakily they made a hue and cry over it. Saying they dint have a size small and repeatedly asked me what Samik’s body type was, whether he was broad or tall. And dad being present, I was feeling smaller by the minute. All I wanted to do was disappear. Dad seeing my obvious discomfort went ahead; describing Samik’s body type and what colors would suit him since I couldn’t get the black shirt I had chosen initially. Phew! The sales man in that shop were incorrigible and way beyond my imagination, they ahd left no stone unturned to embarrass me.

If this wasn’t enough the book I bought for Samik [Chetan Bhagat’s ‘My 3 mistakes] was firstly not easily available. And Samik suddenly developed a new love for reading. And having devoured the first two books of Bhagat he wanted the new one too. I had to lie left right and centre to convince him that the book was indeed out of print and that it would come back in print only after the first week of June. God! What not we have to do to make the day special for the duffer boyfriends that we have to out up with :) and guess what? The blessed boy friend I have for the last four years didn’t appreciate the goody bag I had prepared and instead made me feel extremely silly about myself. So I in turn wrecked our anniversary eve that we were supposed to celebrate by fighting over a petty issue and not going out at all. Thus I took my revenge :P

Monday, June 02, 2008

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Samik !!
Happy 4TH Year Anniversary to US!