Thursday, July 31, 2008

i feel lonely and burdened but i dont know why?

is it the inadequacies that i feel within me?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Have you ever lived in fear of losing your loved one in an intentional violence?

Well i have.

After Ahmadabad and Bangalore blasts, Kolkata and Surat came under the scanner all of yesterday.with news channels airing footage of lack of security in the most prominent places in the city. it was really scary to see, the heritage building like GPO was unguarded at any points of time. what was worse was seeing a clipping as to how the police were on the streets trying to caution restaurants and malls and the IT hub of Kolkata about the bombs at a time when most IT companies were either closing their shifts and ushering the new shifts. i had my heart in my mouth praying incessantly hoping that Samik would be safe and wishing for him to reach home. thankfully nothing untoward happened; until now.

But it is the possibility of the violence and the minutes of anticipation of it, made me really value my loved ones even more. i mourn for all those killed and for those who has lost their loved ones in the devastating blasts that occurred on the 25Th and 26Th of July.

May all you have a safe and secure life ahead.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sometimes all you need is to be naughty and things just falls in place

Sunday, July 20, 2008

no really....i want to when do you really know it's love???

is it when the person is not around you anymore?

or when he/she is there?

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Can you please stop being busy and spare me a moment??? lots been happening and i think i have been rather patient. can you please hurry up? so that i can have my turn too. look i've tried to deal with my problems but now i think i need some divine intervention, you think you can help? give me a call back when free, i ll be looking forward to it.

your very patient friend

Friday, July 18, 2008

You can run all you want but never from memories.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Illusion like a cocoon, envelops us in its warm comforting hug. and when it decides to reveal its true identity; life falls apart. And the fairy tale comes to an end. Forever and ever is but a myth.
we are left, alone, to pick up the broken peices and to try and start afresh. tears are the only constant companion as the world just mocks and moves on.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

As children we were so innocent that we failed to realize that merely putting hands on our faces will not make us invisible to the world but the world momentarily stopped existing for us while we were still in full vision of the world. Sometimes even adults are naive enough to think, that by shutting ones eyes the reality changes, but the truth remains unchanged.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And now you know too :P

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and no i am not a bed hog, ask my friends :)

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yeah thats me!

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are you bored yet?just one more to go

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there now you know it all :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hunt for a new boy friend

I have been having a strange problem lately. Im bored of my boy friend, he is busy all week so we hardly interact and our schedules clash so even if we want to we cant interrelate at all. I have told this to my guy but poor him, cant do a thing. I feel lonely most of the time and since suddenly I’ve turned into an introvert it is even more difficult for me. Watching the movie ‘janey tu…ya jaane na’ hasn’t helped one bit, because now I think I want to fall in love. Don’t ask with whom? Because I don’t know. But here is what I expect…..

All I want is to feel that heady feeling, the warm and fuzzy feeling that almost makes you feel giddy. I want to be pampered and I can lean on him and cry silly. I want to throw a tantrum and I want him around me 24*7. he has to be devoted to me,as I will to him, I want to feel the warmth that makes me feel that life is perfect, a person who will tell me I am not mad and crazy, a perfectionist and too mature and uptight for my years, which I am. Who will make me feel like a princess, will write me letters and poems, will spoil me rotten, will let me fuss over him, will let the child in me survive the tide in the ocean of life. A tall list eh?

Abhi told me loads of other people are actually writing posts wanting a bf and there are a lot of applicants, I doubt if anyone reading this post will volunteer but still if anyone is really interested drop me a comment or mail. Would love to get to know you and who knows we can be good friends; though I have a boy friend whom I happen to love [samik I hope you are reading this:P] if you feel I have gone bonkers please say so, if you feel you know someone who fits the bill forward his contact details to my mail [samik, I can look for greener pastures, so buck up, and pull up your socks and try harder to entertain me :D] and if you can diagnose what exactly is wrong with me then id be really grateful to you.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Janey Tu...Ya Jaane Na

after jab we met this is one fresh movie that is bound to leave an impact on the audience long after the last scene has been played. the USP of the film is not A. R Rehman's music, or Aamir Khan productions; yes these are added bonus but the actual USP is a bunch of actors who look the part and director and script writer,abbas tyrewalla ;who knew exactly what he wanted and extracted it out from the actors.

Acting- each of the characters looked their part,from the main characters to blink and miss roles. expressions seemed effortless. chemistry between genelia and imran was palpable. one could connection without the effort with the film.

Music-simple,hummable and extremely melodious, one wonders how Rehman manages to produce music for such a youthful film when he is known for his music in a slightly mature genre but here lies his skill.

cons-very predictable and some very over the top scenes and sequences

pros-even over the top segments were blurred from memory with great acting and good script. the director does a commendable job in making a commercial,rom com,with full on masala to stand out and hold its ground. the film looks oven fresh and effort put behind every scene and aspect of film making makes it so much more paisa vasool. imran khan is an actor to look out for, with genes of aamir khan running through his veins and his own sheer talent is an actor who will go places. genelia surely will get her due being the catty meow. the comic timings are absolutely perfect. and once the climax comes about one wishes once can savor love all over again!

so its a 4.5 stars from me...its a must watch for all you die hard romantics

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Im finally back :D

Before I go on with the trillions of things I so want to blurt out I just have to mention that I have learnt the lesson not to watch too many videos in you tube which will result in the exhaustion of my internet package, and also that 21st century youth may pretend to lead a life without a pc but the truth is, that it is an impossible task and I found out in the hardest way possible. Ive had a harrowing time not just with the absence of my internet connection but the zillion problems I had to face because of my comp. dad got me a new p4 machine but my happiness of replacing my 1988 fossil of a comp with a bran new one was indeed short lived. Several analysis and wrong steps later finally we found someone who actually knew what the problem was and fixed it. So as of now the pc is working [touchwood]

Last month of my absence I have been busy doing absolutely nothing. And that led to lethargy which comforted me just when I started to feel guilty of not tending to my blog. But indeed just when I thought I had so much to say I didn’t have the means of expressing myself. Tough luck! Since I didn’t do anything I actually was not lazy enough to think. So the posts that will make its presence felt will try and express the abstract thoughts that have captivated me and hopefully one of my blogger friends will help me untangle my thoughts and try and make some sense of them,

College reopened this past week and I’m not thrilled to say the least. But this is my last year so that is of some comfort. I am in 3rd year now. My results came out on an extremely rainy day, my prof informed me of my results, I got a 64% it may not be class topping percentage but it is surely a good grade specially since on the whole our class has fared badly. Anyway I just hope that this one last year passing in a wink of an eye so that I don’t even have to grumble and crib of how dreadful my college or rather people who infest my college is. I just wish this year is an uneventful one and it makes all my dreams come true. Will post more soon but till then cheerio!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

sorry folks my comp has turned traitor so no matter how much i try or wish it has decided to deny my a blogger despite floundering desperate to blog im unable to do so. so pardon me and my inability to visit and read the beautiful words of creation but im helpless.hope to be back soon and when i do there will be nothing holding me back.god speed.cheerio!