Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Have you ever lived in fear of losing your loved one in an intentional violence?

Well i have.

After Ahmadabad and Bangalore blasts, Kolkata and Surat came under the scanner all of yesterday.with news channels airing footage of lack of security in the most prominent places in the city. it was really scary to see, the heritage building like GPO was unguarded at any points of time. what was worse was seeing a clipping as to how the police were on the streets trying to caution restaurants and malls and the IT hub of Kolkata about the bombs at a time when most IT companies were either closing their shifts and ushering the new shifts. i had my heart in my mouth praying incessantly hoping that Samik would be safe and wishing for him to reach home. thankfully nothing untoward happened; until now.

But it is the possibility of the violence and the minutes of anticipation of it, made me really value my loved ones even more. i mourn for all those killed and for those who has lost their loved ones in the devastating blasts that occurred on the 25Th and 26Th of July.

May all you have a safe and secure life ahead.


mayz said...


m glad ur loved ones r safe :)

Aneesh said...

Yah, we don't know the value of what we have until we lose it!!
Luckily, I never had to experience what you said, not in intentional violence, but in many other cases :)


phoenix said...

yeah so am i

yeah i understand

Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak said...

the fear is not faded, still..!!

little boxes said...

dont worry...or else,the entire purpose of terrorism is realised

[-V-] said...

i am scared too for ppl i care...
@ little boxes
we always have fear of losing ..and when it comes to loved ones just surrounds you.

phoenix said...

i totaly agree

its naturasl to worry about loved ones but i ll be brave promise :)

i know :( it petrifies me

Buzzz said...

hey raka, you remember me? you still seem to be going great!!