Monday, July 14, 2008

Hunt for a new boy friend

I have been having a strange problem lately. Im bored of my boy friend, he is busy all week so we hardly interact and our schedules clash so even if we want to we cant interrelate at all. I have told this to my guy but poor him, cant do a thing. I feel lonely most of the time and since suddenly I’ve turned into an introvert it is even more difficult for me. Watching the movie ‘janey tu…ya jaane na’ hasn’t helped one bit, because now I think I want to fall in love. Don’t ask with whom? Because I don’t know. But here is what I expect…..

All I want is to feel that heady feeling, the warm and fuzzy feeling that almost makes you feel giddy. I want to be pampered and I can lean on him and cry silly. I want to throw a tantrum and I want him around me 24*7. he has to be devoted to me,as I will to him, I want to feel the warmth that makes me feel that life is perfect, a person who will tell me I am not mad and crazy, a perfectionist and too mature and uptight for my years, which I am. Who will make me feel like a princess, will write me letters and poems, will spoil me rotten, will let me fuss over him, will let the child in me survive the tide in the ocean of life. A tall list eh?

Abhi told me loads of other people are actually writing posts wanting a bf and there are a lot of applicants, I doubt if anyone reading this post will volunteer but still if anyone is really interested drop me a comment or mail. Would love to get to know you and who knows we can be good friends; though I have a boy friend whom I happen to love [samik I hope you are reading this:P] if you feel I have gone bonkers please say so, if you feel you know someone who fits the bill forward his contact details to my mail [samik, I can look for greener pastures, so buck up, and pull up your socks and try harder to entertain me :D] and if you can diagnose what exactly is wrong with me then id be really grateful to you.


Kaylee said...

AWE nice post there raka! now that you explained it to me :)

Kaylee said...

where did you go on me raka?

Minko said...

heehee...and heehee....smirking,that's all I am capable of right now...heehee...

The Lover said...

I'm interested! ;)

The Lover

Abhishek Khanna said...


look already one applicant

phoenix said...

:D sorry my internet had gone off all of a sudden

@minko da

oh im so glad atleast someone replied i thought i have scared people off

u seem to be right....atleast someone doesnt think i am mad :P