Saturday, July 12, 2008

Im finally back :D

Before I go on with the trillions of things I so want to blurt out I just have to mention that I have learnt the lesson not to watch too many videos in you tube which will result in the exhaustion of my internet package, and also that 21st century youth may pretend to lead a life without a pc but the truth is, that it is an impossible task and I found out in the hardest way possible. Ive had a harrowing time not just with the absence of my internet connection but the zillion problems I had to face because of my comp. dad got me a new p4 machine but my happiness of replacing my 1988 fossil of a comp with a bran new one was indeed short lived. Several analysis and wrong steps later finally we found someone who actually knew what the problem was and fixed it. So as of now the pc is working [touchwood]

Last month of my absence I have been busy doing absolutely nothing. And that led to lethargy which comforted me just when I started to feel guilty of not tending to my blog. But indeed just when I thought I had so much to say I didn’t have the means of expressing myself. Tough luck! Since I didn’t do anything I actually was not lazy enough to think. So the posts that will make its presence felt will try and express the abstract thoughts that have captivated me and hopefully one of my blogger friends will help me untangle my thoughts and try and make some sense of them,

College reopened this past week and I’m not thrilled to say the least. But this is my last year so that is of some comfort. I am in 3rd year now. My results came out on an extremely rainy day, my prof informed me of my results, I got a 64% it may not be class topping percentage but it is surely a good grade specially since on the whole our class has fared badly. Anyway I just hope that this one last year passing in a wink of an eye so that I don’t even have to grumble and crib of how dreadful my college or rather people who infest my college is. I just wish this year is an uneventful one and it makes all my dreams come true. Will post more soon but till then cheerio!

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vanilla sky said...

good to see you back :)
and your blog looks soo vibrant with the new colours :)