Sunday, July 13, 2008

Janey Tu...Ya Jaane Na

after jab we met this is one fresh movie that is bound to leave an impact on the audience long after the last scene has been played. the USP of the film is not A. R Rehman's music, or Aamir Khan productions; yes these are added bonus but the actual USP is a bunch of actors who look the part and director and script writer,abbas tyrewalla ;who knew exactly what he wanted and extracted it out from the actors.

Acting- each of the characters looked their part,from the main characters to blink and miss roles. expressions seemed effortless. chemistry between genelia and imran was palpable. one could connection without the effort with the film.

Music-simple,hummable and extremely melodious, one wonders how Rehman manages to produce music for such a youthful film when he is known for his music in a slightly mature genre but here lies his skill.

cons-very predictable and some very over the top scenes and sequences

pros-even over the top segments were blurred from memory with great acting and good script. the director does a commendable job in making a commercial,rom com,with full on masala to stand out and hold its ground. the film looks oven fresh and effort put behind every scene and aspect of film making makes it so much more paisa vasool. imran khan is an actor to look out for, with genes of aamir khan running through his veins and his own sheer talent is an actor who will go places. genelia surely will get her due being the catty meow. the comic timings are absolutely perfect. and once the climax comes about one wishes once can savor love all over again!

so its a 4.5 stars from me...its a must watch for all you die hard romantics


prajyot said...

well its a nice story but i would rate it 3/5..well for acting and screenplay work,i would surely goto 4.5/5

Keshi said...

alot of bloggers r talking abt this movie...must be a good one then. :)


phoenix said...

hmm thats a prespective :) i just loved it....


i hope you get to seenit...its realy nice

vanilla sky said...

yes yes , i loved every bit of it :)