Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Childhood memories

A day off during the week [CITU has called a 24 hour nationwide bandth] is really hard to come by. since its a time off from regular monotony of life, i plan to do absolutely nothing, just let my thoughts sprout wings. its been raining all through the night and the morning too doesn't seem any different. a day like this always brings back memories. i had always wanted to grow up and had claimed that i wouldn't really regret it. i don't regret but the rapidity of my evolution really startles me! it is really unbelievable even to myself that i turn 21 in just a few more weeks, [16day :P] when did i grow up so fast? i keep asking myself. i can still see myself playing cricket with my friends on the road, with my long hair somehow knotted, in a tee and shorts. i remember how ma would get angry, thinking of all the children my daughter has to be unruly, there is not a single lady like manner in her. but hey that was me! climbing my walls, smashing window panes, running around and yelling, doing all the things that so called convent educated young ladies are not supposed to do.

i remember how i used to mastermind all great activities, from planning pajama parties to organizing Independence day function, to setting up of our headquarters, everything. it used to be so much fun. i think the poor residents of our lane must have prayed day in and day out hoping we would grow up, so as to have a good afternoon nap. i used to be an avid reader, so on my way home in a metro i would continuously read and even while ma fed me [she still does it :P] to save time. then run down immediately as the clock struck 4. at prompt 6 we would hear our mothers yell for us to get back home. with bruises and mud stains we would head straight to the washroom. even then the milk and biscuits just before study time seemed such a treat!. what i loved the best was, the first rain of the season. we would all huddle up in my terrace in our nightclothes and would have greatest time being soaked to the skin. i had not a care in the world. such wonderful times those were.

then i had my first crush and started noticing my uncouth and unruly nature. i washed and took care of my hair more consciously, skirts replaced shorts and to be looking presentable at all times seemed my very important prerogative. how angry and disgusted i used to feel because i didn't know how to be more ladylike. i remember i had attempted to put kajal for the first time and messed it up big time. for just one look of my crush id wait hours on end on the veranda. times have changed.

Druhin, my first friend on planet earth, [i know him from the time i was 2, we are friends from Montessori] exclaims how ladylike i have become, wearing distinct "girlie" clothes now, he hates me wearing kajal which now i am so adept at applying, and so very hates the fact i no longer resemble the tomboy that i used to be. but times change and so have i, but something that is hard to change is the memories. somehow even now the childhood memories seem so real and life like that i can almost see myself doing the things i once did but with a start i realize that i have moved ahead in time. what i wouldn't do if only for once i could go back in time and relive the moments, that are hard to come by.


Vinz aka Vinu said...


good-feel post..
got a nostalgic effect...
old times are always close to heart..

as u wish, i too hope, some day even i can go back to golden old days..
but reality is harsh...thnx for the memories..atleast we can live on those days through dreams..

Raka said...

so true yaar....i want to hold on to memories because that is all we have

Aneesh said...

WOW, you made me feel my own childhood too :) Thanks
'N yah, childhood memories are the sweetest, nothing to care and free to do whatever we like, there is no substitute for that,nor for its memories!!!

aqua gurl said...

memories is one thing i never give up on, so good to read this. Good to see you cherishing them(thats ditto me):P:P

aqua gurl said...

same pich wid these things:)

playing cricket, socked in my clothes enjoying the first rain, getting yelled at but pretending that wasn;t meant to me, tea and biscuits, a friend i know since almost birth.

Ria said...

hmmm a very nostalgic post! :) Reminded me of my childhood. Nothin beats the innocent memories of childhood.

khyati patel said...

'growing up'.............something i never wanted and still dont......i never ever wanna grow up.
brilliantly put Raka.....specially the part abt how "young educated ladies" are supposed to behave.

Buzzz said...

oye oye oye such a nostalgic post...u took me to a memory ride down the years

Priya Joyce said...

very well put dear I don't hav words to explain how ur post brot out my feelings. I went into my childhood I mean wen I was small.
Really good
this shows how much we all miss our childhood.

little boxes said...

yeah...we all grow up to find that the fairy tales are nothing but tales...
whether we like it or not!

phoenix said...

its not fairy tales yaa...
maybe just in the feel of it...compared to the reality that we live in now as adults but never otherwise

thanks a ton pal! i knew you'd feel the same


@aqua girl
same pinch...

it dint.... dint it?? :P

hmmm :)

@priya joyce
hm so glad you remembered your childhood memories too :)
its such a nice feeling isnt it?

vanilla sky said...

nicely written :)

every mom thinks its her kids who only gets all the cuts and bruises, falls in the mud, gets dirty !
and yes, my neighbours used to go mad when we used to play hide and seek