Sunday, September 28, 2008

Forces angry over pay

While we sit with friends in a plush cafe with friends or dining with family in posh restaurant; do we spare a thought for those who ensure that we are safe and have the luxury of being with our loved ones? we dont, we think of them only when there is a crisis. armed forces are ever present on duty 24*7 but how do we pay our respects? by putting in a 6th pay commission where a Colonel who becomes a Major General in 10 years of time gets paid which is still lower than that of a police head [a civilian]

This is disgraceful! Is this how we treat the armed forces who leave family homes loved ones behind just so that we are protected and secure?And just what benefits do we give them in return? Not enough to ensure that their children and family have a steady life? and what about the life risk or the risk of being physically handicapped in wars? wars usually last for a specific period of time but our armed forces are on the frontiers for 15-20 years now in any kind of weather conditions. and yet we choose not to give them their due and blame it on inflation when bureaucrats are easily getting their hike, when they can afford to go without it. and our jawans are sweating it out in our borders.

It is a sad day in Indian history!


mayz said...

it indeed is!!

Aneesh said...

Yah, rightly said.
even in sports, when someone comes first or win gold medal then money is simply flowing to them.. like crores, but to these soldiers or policemen all they get is nothing compared to what others get, even after risking their life.
Nice post :)

Buzzz said...

right said. i sit in air conditioned cubicle, stretch myself and at the end of month i colelct a good cash and go back home.

armymen lay their lives, do all the hardwork and dont get paid.


Vinz aka Vinu said...

so what we can do..??

i mean no offense..but still i come across many such posts, writings and articles...but nowhere no one is coming up with some solution..!!


Sam said...

enough has been said.... need a solution now!!

•♥•♥Vicky♥•♥• said...

i second vinu

Ria said...

Yeah is very sad indeed!ppl who fight for India are treated this way, and the family suffers the most. Unfortunately there is too much of bureaucracy up there for things to start percolating downwards!!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

My dad's in the army & away from us. I know about all the problems you have mentioned about . But there's only one small request (to you & all ) please don't take a sympathising tone towards the defence forces as in " they lay down their lives etc etc jab hum chain ki neend sote hai & yet they get paid peanuts " .

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

I don't want an argument just putting what I feel , across.
we must support people who ask for their rightful rights ( like you have ) but please do so without feeling sorry for them .
I know you have comment moderation & plz del this 2nd comment as somebody might feel that " dekho yahi pe symathy maang rahi hai"

phoenix said...


well said aneesh

hmm :| true

we can be aware..ignorance is no longer bliss!

we need to have an opinion...we need to give respect where it is due..and that may be small but its a smart nonetheless

@sam da

i agree...

no one is being pittiful or sympathetic here..we as the youth are doing whatever we can to spread the awareness and to convey in our small way that we care..and we will make a difference..that we understand their plight and we respect and value those who give us a goodnights sleep and a hope of a better tomorrow

Priya Joyce said...

Ah! the world is not proportionate at all in any issue u see we find it the most stupid. huh! I don't have the idea wen all this is gonna end.

phoenix said...

so true