Monday, September 22, 2008

Indiblogger-kolkata bloggers meet

thats the indiblogger tee
during the debate,yup thats samik on the extreme left

during the presentation

thats two of the member of the indiblogger team

the one on the right is BG *blush* *blush*

Yesterdays blogger meet was one of its kind. this is the first time i have been to one and the first of its kind to be held too. BG,ANOOP,SANDHYA AND RENE-the blogger team was present. it was one helluva gathering. we had an animated discussion about blogger ethics and had a wonderful interactive session where we spoke about our blog and why we blog. i met quite a few people and made friends..i just have to add that BG is damn cute with his trademark sense of humour. we all felt welcomed and comfortable and thanks to INDIBLOGGER for making this meet such a grand success. we require enterprising people like you who are not just concerned about making a career but also who are inclined in making a difference!kudos!

PS-s0rry the lights were dim so couldnt get better pictures.but more pictures in flikr by the indiblogger team.


mayz said...

i have neva been to one either but it sounds fun...wish i cud go for d delhi or blore one

Keshi said...

wow u guys r lucky to meet like this!


•♥•♥Vicky♥•♥• said...

let us bloggers make our own team?

waht say..?

Aneesh said...

That was great :)

Vinz aka Vinu said... not aware whether pune got one..??

i will have to search..

Buzzz said...

where r u?

ANWESA said...

gud idea,guys n gals!

Priya Joyce said...

hey lovely njoy dear.
gr8 fun

phoenix said...

there is on for both the cities u mentioned and blore meet is just coming sign up for indiblogger you ll get the details

yeah isnt it rather cool?

brilliant idea...really lets do this

awesome yaar

yup pune has definately got one....

right here waiting for you :P


hey we should have a team of our own too

Keshi said...

yep..and I feel so lonely over here in Sydney :)


phoenix said...

aww...its so tough to organize one..we cant fly down to sydney neither can you fly down to india to attend one...but we will organize something where we all can participate...

peter said...

I missed the event, t-shirt and wat not :(