Thursday, September 18, 2008

A New Beginning

Wondering why i was suddenly consumed by this immense need to change my blog URL which has been my blog address since my formative days as a blogger?? well i felt a need for anonymity and a sense of security. over the period of time, i have noticed that my blog has been subjected to as a device by which people i know personally [my friends, family,relatives and some people i don't get along with at all] to pry into my private realm of my life and use the information for their own selfish needs. Samik looks in to see the things that are occurring in my life,which he suspects i may not tell him, my college mates pry to see what exactly i write if i bitch about them at all; so on and forth.

i still maintain that i blog to preserve my sanity. my blog is my best friend. and my friends in blogger ville are the people who matter the most once i enter this virtual world. they still find immense relevance once i step out too. but surely my blog isn't for those who seek voyeuristic pleasure from it. i am a simple and uncomplicated person. i am just plain and very ordinary. but i am me. and i have the right to write what i feel like and opine what my sensibilities allow me. what i write is not to please people but it is solely to satisfy my mind and my soul. and i need the independence to speak my mind and write on issues i find relevant.i don't want to cater to what people opine and write accordingly. i may sound like a selfish moron here but then sometimes one does have to think about ones own need.

i hope our association as friends will continue and in this leg of my journey in blogger i hope to make new friends who will value me for everything i am and everything i am not! cheerio


•♥•♥Vicky♥•♥• said...

a blog sure is your best friend.
and what u have done is good i think.

friends are here always.

take care

phoenix said...

thank you sweetheart! :)

you take care too :)

KAYLEE said...

Thats good Raka i really need to talk to you can we?

vanilla sky said...

the way you write all your thoughts at one go, is quite a quality :)

utopia said...

yea sure we can

thank you so much

Aneesh said...

Hey, changing the url is nothing as long as we keep in touch. And yah you are right, blog is a place where we will write what we feel like and if people whom we know start prying, then we will lose our confidence to write here. As long as, your friends don't know your profile url, this will work.

Ria said...

hmm u did the right thing buddy! Hope u find the peace tht u r lookin for.

phoenix said...

rightly said
im glad you understand

i sure hope so :)

Priya Joyce said...

ye tats a genuine reason for changing the url dear and ye we all hav the liberty to share our thoughts feelings etc on our blog so i wud say there's actually no need of any question on it
keep blogging yaar.

Keshi said...

My blog is my heart n soul. Even if some ppl may not u'stand wut I write there, I know I will :) Hence, Im my best friend.

*HUGZ* keep writing!


Kaylee said...

what time?

mayz said...

i like ur url name...

n yeah blog is vy let it b d way u want it to b...n only to d ppl u want it for

hugzzz :)

Zubin said...

woha...I changed my URL for almost the same reason...though I am not totally anonymous...but it still is hard to recognize me...

you know what...a blog is can do whatever you want to..with it...just ANYTHING..

and yeah..we are here for ya.. :)

Buzzz said...

i concur you and i loved the rebellious you. I want to get this feeling, but i feel i give a damn a lot to people. wish i cud borrow this from u

CM-Chap said...

Well said.. Blog is our best friend.

Yes to maintain this privacy..I nvr gave my blog url to many ppl.. sply coworkers