Sunday, September 21, 2008


Vishwakarma puja just ended. he is known as the god of industry, factories and machines. kite flying is a must during this time in kolkata, the blue skies of sarat is spotted will multicoloured kites which flutter with delight competing with one another. with Vishwakarma puja, durga pujo is heralded. you must see the bongs getting all geared up to do their last minute shopping. the pandals are almost done.... the idols will be brought in the mandap and then the completion of the idol and the pandals can come about. the regional news channels are all about which locality is doing what, to win the coveted awards for this years pujas. i guess even West Bengal police are waking up to manage the ocean of people who stream in the streets from the very advent of pujas from panchami itself, so one can imagine the festive mood that is rendering most incapable to get any work done. i wonder how i am supposed to study for my upcoming tests when celebrations are all around :( but i sure want to get it done and over with so that im not haunted to study during those 5 days of pujas :D

In about 7 days we have mahalaya...and then in another 7 days the festivities will start..i just cant wait for the pujas to start, for the first time in ages we will have a friends meet, all my class mates from school are somewhat notifies...i hope most of them turn out and we can have a blast. I'm supposed to stay out one night with samik and friends, so it just indicated some more masti.i just hope that during this festivitiy nothing untoward happens, because kolkata houses many and plays host to some more during the pujas. i hope we all have a safe and happy pujas ahead.

Will surely post pictures later :) look out for them...


CM-Chap said...

Ah.. The way u wrote has increased my curiosity.

Lookg fwd for snaps

•♥•♥Vicky♥•♥• said...

njoy the time with friends ;)

mayz said...

have a great time...enjoy :)

phoenix said...

@cm chap
will post it asap the pujas are on


yeah i intend to