Saturday, September 06, 2008


watched Rock On yesterday, and i was too spellbound to think coherently. it was every cine goers paisa vassol and a technicians delight and youths moral booster and every individuals deepest desire come true. if you value friendship, this is the movie too watch. music is superb. farhan akhtar and prachi desai play their part to perfection as new comers, purab and luke kenney fit into their part and arjun rampal looked every bit of a rock star. the debutant director marks a great entry into bollywood. it is THE movie to watch. ROCK ON!


Buzzz said...

hey the director isnt debutant. he had a movie called aryan to his credit and he s a failed actor of 90s..

but rock on washes off all those sins and this is a classic.

first time liked arjun rampal in his best role so far :)

farhan was kickass and he rocked through out!!

peter said...

yeah yeah a must watch ...I watched it twice ...& want to watch it again :P

Mez said...
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Mez said...

I still havent been able to see it..horrible on the cinemas at my end..they havent released it yet here.

Vinz aka Vinu said...

Great..Am yet to watch..!!

farhan akhtar is another perfectionist in making, i predict..on the lines of Amir..!!

Raka said...

oopsy im sorry


im gonna go again and buy a dvd...its a collectors item

dont worry see it ASAP.

amen! it surely seems so...brilliant...i fall short of words when it comes to rock on

•♥•...๑۩۞۩๑♥V♥๑۩۞۩๑..•♥• said...

haven't watched it yet.
but heard a ton about arjun's performance.

Priya Joyce said...

hey I wanted to know hows the movie and see u gave me a reason to watch it
thanx 4 the review dear.

vanilla sky said...

you did n't mention Sahana Goswami? her character was very well portrayed. music was really apt for the movie , and liked Arjun Rampal for the first time. Farhaan played its part really well.
Though the movie was predictable at times, it excels with its own set of emotions !

Ria said...

Join tht gang!coz i too loved the movie. :)