Friday, September 26, 2008


This topic has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. firstly the West Bengal government usurped the agricultural land from the peasants and sold it at a higher price to the Tata's for the Nano plant. the poor farmers were given 1/10 of what they should have been paid. others who were reluctant to give up their land where brutally killed, their children raped or burnt alive.

A year and half later when the uproar and protests died down and the plant was somewhat put up.and now Miss Mamata Banerjee is up to antics again,just when the government has agreed to make amends. she makes tall demands which is very hard to fulfill.

I am not political.I am not supporting the CPM because what they did with the farmers was wrong.Im not supporting the TMC either because what they are doing now is wrong too. tit for tat is not the right way to resolve problems. the opposition did a great job in helping the voices of millions of farmers being heard over the din but what she is doing now is for votes. everyone is in it for their own benifit. the government has already had their share of the perks from the Tatas that they are afraid to show the contract that they had with them. Tatas too have got their publicity, which has resulted in their being invited to other states, and many other things that id rather not mention here.

People say India consists of 60% agricultural land and agriculture is our main source of say, why not tip the ratio to 50-50% where 50% will be for industry and 50% for agriculture. they say poor farmers what will they do without land?i say forcefully educate them,at least some will have jobs as clerks or henchmen. and what about the youth in the urban centers???who slog and tire to get into the best of the institutions, forget the money spent behind their education; in hope for getting plush jobs. will this Singur issue benifit them??? all major companies are backing out. and we will then be compelled to leave our land and move elsewhere to earn our living. and then it will be our parents who are now all so flared up for/against this Singur issue; will proclaim that our children and our youth care less for their parents and for their selfish motives [for enhancement of their career] they are moving out. how do we survive here when there are no opportunities? what do we do for survival? instead of doing tit for tat.people,the government should realize what can be done now to rectify the mistake as much as possible. so that the farmers and the youth will thrive in mutual harmony. but both the government and the anti-system are egoistic people they look for how things will benifit themselves and not what happens to the future citizens of the state. and our elders caught between the ego tussle of two major political agencies, think only of what is in the present and not the future in which their own children will be left to fend for themselves.It is a sad fate of Kolkata, which was in 1800 to early 1900 the capital of colonial India, and the center for everything thriving and developing.

We, the youth now must suffer for all that our predecessors have is the will of fate!


Aneesh said...

No one has to suffer for what some one has already done. we have the power to change it, what you mentioned here is a complicated issue. There is no easy solution for it, people have to find some solution in a long-term basis. As globalization and industrialization is the buzz word, everyone's looking for bigger and bigger companies and increasing job opportunities.
These kind of issues are the similar to the Kashmir issue which don't have a simple solution and all the political parties do is to make a grand even so that they can benefit from it.

Aneesh said...

Hey, you are tagged :)

Renie said...

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•♥•♥Vicky♥•♥• said...

i have to second aneesh

Priya Joyce said...

these politicians will continue as they r doing now. However much we try they will be the same.
People think that they are protesting for the society's benefit but tat's not true.
I really donno whom to support over here.

utopia said...

@ANEESH & vicky
i know the matter is complex but then when there is a hope there is a way.the fact is no one wants to do anything and that is a fact

will take it up soon :)


same here sweety

utopia said...

-utopia aka phoenix