Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Bloggie!

wishing you are very happy birthday bloggie

BLOG. a word that means so much and plays an integral part in my life. to me my blog is my best buddy, someone who listens ptiently to all that i have to say, someone who has seen me evolve through the crucial phases in my life. i blog to preserve my sanity. in this monotonous life, where everything we do is for survival and for a better life, i blog to keep the fire in me alive. the zest to put in my very best for my blog, for all my readers who have now become my friends. 2 years and 366 posts later; im here to thank all of you who have touched my life and made their pressence felt. thank you all for making my journey in bloggerville so enriching and full of love and warmth. here is my special way to thank you all who have made such a difference to my life.

Cindy- she touched my life with her warm and friendly ways but one day she was gone without a trace. this is to tell you that you are loved and remembered.

Buzz-we kept finding each other and then again fading into oblivion but somehow we always managed to find our way are one of my oldest friends on bloggerville and i hope our friendship is here to stay.

Pj- you are a live wire. and each time i vist you, your childlike ways takes over me and i long to be a child again

- you are more of a sister than a friend. your mature and cool ways makes you a great pal to have around.

- you are my ATF[ all time friend] ever there to lend me a hand.. and i hope the friendship continues.

Aqua girl- your passion for life draws me to you. your zest for life, makes me what to put that extra bit to my approach to life.

Keshi- you are someone who never fail to surprise me. from your innovative ideas, each day; to the mature head cemented on your firm shoulders. from the confident smile to your no non-sense gaze. you are what i desire to be.

- you find and extra special mention. i know you are out of sight [due to your injury] but never out of my mind. the positivity and warmth that emit makes you stand out even in the crowd. who said virtual friends cant be good friends in reality? from sharing boy friend woes to discussing life we had had some wonderful conversations. here's wishing you a speedy recovery! get well soon babes! miss you


•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

happy b'day to your blog.

take care and keep on walking!

phoenix said...

thanks a ton :)

Aqua gurl said...

wow...2 years old eh!!!

i barely come online these days and am not sure i'll b able to wish you there so ......

Happpieeee birthday:):)...

Your blog is one of the few that i never try to keep myself away from and that is just coz of the emotions, the lessons, the experiences each day that come across through your words.

Keep giving words to your blog!!!

Keep rocking:)


Priya Joyce said...

happy b'day to ur blog

and thanx for the sweet words dear.

Buzzz said...

hey happy dubbay to ur waves of light buddy and an award for you -- the Spirited and Unmukt blogger award!!!

Tara said...

Happy birthday to dearest bloggie!! :)

phoenix said...

@aqua girl
im really in tears now :)

thanks sweetheart :)

aww *hugs*


thanks a ton :)

mayz said...

happy bday to ur blog :)

little boxes said...

happy birthday to your blog :)
it's always been a pleasure to visit

Rashi said...

lucky blog :)
smone celebrates for it too...h'b'day !

vanilla sky said...

happy birthday bloggie !
may you grow more active!

Aneesh said...

happy B'day bloggie

peter said...

ohh thnks for the award and hope we remain the ATF .....AMEN !!

phoenix said...


my bloggie says thank you to you all :D

Harshita said...

Happy bday to your blog...

Stay Happy

phoenix said...


thanks a ton :)

welcome to my blog

Keshi said...

Happy blog bday girl HUGGGGGGGGZ!

wut happened to Cindy??

**you are what i desire to be

omg I feel so honored that someone like u wants to be like me :) cos I wanna be like u too hehe. I think we all learn from each other here in Blogville and thats the best thing abt this place.

Im glad I met u here and I hope this flame of friendship will continue to burn. HUGS!


phoenix said...





Keshi said...

aww :) luv ya gal!