Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Imagine you are blissfully happy and your happiness knows no bounds and just then Mr Yamraj- the god of death, walks in your room and tells you your time is almost up. that you have just 3 wishes that can be granted as your last wishes and after which you have to ride mr yamraj's bike to heaven or hell depending on your track record. what will you do?? [at the cost of sounding silly here, please pardon me :P]

if i were in such a situation; id wish..

my 1st wish would be that

all the wishes of my family and loved one's are fulfilled, so that they lead a happy and prosperous life ahead.

2Nd wish

i wish i can meet all the people i value in my life before my life runs out, so that i can thank them for making my life so worthwhile.

3rd and last wish will be
that i have a painless death and that I'm not ever cremated [I'm scared of being burnt after death, id prefer being buried, to hell with religion]


Buzzz said...

is champak ka photo kaha se dhoonda ? lolz

this is a taboo topic for me, so nothin to add on this on what u wrote!!

well religion ka choice to apne hath me nahi hota, individual religious practise is not common in followin religious principles might be mandatory!!!

phoenix said...

i know following religious practices is mandatory but hey its a wish...its ook if it doesnt get fulfilled...i ll still die n wudnt even knwo or care if im burnt or not :P

and this champu is a result of a google image na?

Priya Joyce said...

Hey niiice wishes

reely they r cool...

abt religion i wud just say its cumpletely a personal affair...not in India of course, but still we can choose..many people do.

mayz said...

ah nice wishes...

thou i wud like to modifly d first one as my own wish...
i wud wish dat after m gone my loved ones dont feel d pain of me gone...they dont miss me n carry on wid their life

Tara said...

Nice topic! Nice wishes too! What would I wish for? That no one sleeps on an empty stomach, everyone gets what they deserve (not what they want...learnt this from Swami Vivekananda's teachings :), and that there should be no religion in this world, that the entire humanity is one :)

phoenix said...

my god! i thought id sound so silly... :P

hmm..yeah thats a thought i like ur wishes a lot ..havent really thought of loved ones who remain to see my die.....

thats some really nice wishes yaa, have never really thought of such things...

Keshi said...


**my 1st wish would be that
all the wishes of my family and loved one's are fulfilled, so that they lead a happy and prosperous life ahead.

how sweet of ya!

my 3 wishes wud be:

1. make sure my mum and sis know how much I love them, one last time, irrespective of how stubborn and troublesome I may hv been to them sometimes :)

2. give away all my belongings to the needy...and give my car to someone who dun hv a car.

3. listen to my iPod one last time


Keshi said...

ok I see alot of ppl fear to talk abt death..I find that strange tho :)


Keshi said...

btw I want to be purifies. And I hate to imagine rotting 6 feet under!


Aneesh said...

My first wish will be to go back to my childhood and live my life again. so that when the yamraj comes again at my current age, I can again ask the same thing :)