Friday, October 24, 2008


Before anyone jumps into some bloody gender battles, let me clarify, this is not yet another feminist post but one that aims to put forward some unique roles that men play in our lives, which maybe small but not insignificant.

I’ve been wondering lately about just the importance of our brother’s father and boy friends in our lives. Just think whenever we have done something wrong to avoid being scolded by mummy we always hide behind our daddies. We expect that daddy will give us a piggyback ride. Before anyone harm can come to us daddy always comes forward to defend us and our dreams. He toils hard because he has to provide for us. yes it is his duty but he does so out of love and because to him we are the world. These are some very few but important things that our daddies do. These are things that we think we can do without but in reality we cant.

Our brothers are the ones that pamper us the most. be it something that we so want, they behave like absolute pests but never fail to take care of us when we need him the most. he assures mum to look after us. he fights with his buddies to not mess with his sisters he does it all.

Boyfriends and husbands have the toughest of task. They have to drop us off then go back all the way home. They have to spend money on gifts, cards and spend hours shopping with us. as if this was easy they have to try their best to ensure safety and protection to their girl/ wife by trying to stop roving eyes. They need to make appropriate comments to the lady to avoid conflict. loll!

Jokes apart, these men that play such diverse roles in our lives, sometimes protecting us, sometimes being an absolute brat, sometimes pampering us as if we are the world to them, makes men [ i would like to believe most men] such indispensable creatures on planet earth. i don't wish to demean the ladies and their achievements, I'm all for women empowerment, but id like to believe that behind every successful woman is one caring man and vice verse and not just the other way around. no wonder yin and yang co-exists in perfect harmony.


Buzzz said...

thank god, u didnt do another round of bashing men. it was gettin quite boring actually :)

fine sensible balanced posht

Chriz said...

i should make my mother, sister and my babe to read this... they should now realise how important i am to them

Ria said...

Wow!this was the perfect way of acknowledging the role of men in our lives. so much has been said abt women tht i feel the role of men is completely side-lined most of the times. Good job hun!! :)

vanilla sky said...

men and women are complimentary to each other.
and we can see that in our lives itself

Vinz aka Vinu said...

great post..

if we look deeply its same with men too...i mean when we are close to people we know we cant live without case of u its ur dad, brother and boyfriend...and in case of some other it will be mom, sister and his girlfriend..

its all about relationships..!! rather than gender..!!


phoenix said...

this post is specially for you... and im sure glad that you all liked it :)

im so proud of all of you to actually accept and applaud the thought so gracefully

dilmainhainpyar said...

hi frnd
i got to ur blog during my blogroll.... and i am glad for having read u....

every word u have written made is men who are very important as they care for everything in the world....

l;et me be clear... wen we women have any problem , we dont think abt anything else in the world and sit aback...but this is not the case with men....they are always fine... they think abt our probs as well even wen they are buried with them already... they dontactually show up to anyone....

every man in the world will be glad for being so after reading urpost

Aneesh said...

Now, that's a perfect post. It's humans and not men and women. it's good that you realized that.
very well written

Harshita said...

Yeah! Men should get their due credit :)